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So, You Believe The “Q” – A 17-Minute Video Demonstrates Just How Confused Q Followers & Their Handlers Are

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Published on: March 7, 2021

On Friday’s The Sons of Liberty morning show, I invited Bradlee Dean on with me and we had a powerful conversation about where America is and the solutions to our problems.  We also tapped on the Q-anonsense, as I like to refer to it.  Five months after the election and more than a month following criminal China Joe Biden usurping the People’s White House, people are still being led astray by those with “inside sources,” who can’t seem to get much right.

During that episode, I played a minute or two from a video by Brian Young at HiImpact Flix.

Brian has a gift for making a point about something and, trust me, if you have friends in the Q-anonsense Qult, you’ll want to share this with them and demonstrate the utter confusion of both the Q messengers and their followers.

For the record, I think there are well-meaning Q people, but they really aren’t grounded in reality and need to be shown the truth of that which they are being indoctrinated.

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