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So You Don’t Think President Donald Trump Is Bought & Paid For Or That He’s Controlled In Any Way? What Does The Evidence In This Video Suggest?

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Published on: March 10, 2020

I have often said that I believe President Donald Trump is controlled opposition.  I’ve made no bones about that, even when I saw him do good things and even say good things.  The reason was always due to the things he left off or clearly violated in the US Constitution.  However, a friend passed a video along to me by Adam Green at Know More News titled Banksta’s Paradise feat. Donald Trump that seems to put a lot of pieces together in understanding just who is controlling him.

In the video, it is shown how Donald Trump was nearly personally bankrupt at one point and then along came bankers, but not just any bankers, Jewish bankers.

One of them declares on the video that Trump wasn’t that great at business, but rather was a great promoter, a marketer.

So what happened to the over $1 billion in debt Trump was in?  It was quietly taken care of by the banksters.

In their own words, they said that Trump was worth more to them alive than dead.

If you have questioned whether or not Donald Trump is controlled or not, this video should lay that to rest, even to the point of showing how casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s response to political items that deal with Israel during Trump’s campaign would immediately be followed with a Trump response to appease him, and the millions of dollars Adelson pumped out to help Trump win the White House.

Remember, Trump has a long history of promoting, but few really know the details of his money and backing.

In fact, it’s been reported that even George Soros forgave him around $312 million regarding his financing of Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago.

Now, I’m not one that cares about Trump’s taxes.  I really don’t.  I’m completely against that immoral system.  However, could it be that the reason he doesn’t provide those is that they would show how some of these things coincide?

I reported on this when Corporate banker Thomas Bowers, who ran the US division of private wealth management for Deutsche Bank AG, was found swinging from a rope, his death was ruled a suicide.  Bowers wasn’t just tied to Jeffrey Epstein, but he was also tied to President Donald Trump.

At the time, I wrote:

…an investigation by the FBI is ongoing into his dealings with Deutsche Bank.

Forensic News reported, “Bowers was the boss of Donald Trump’s banker Rosemary Vrablic, according to a New York Times article in early 2019. Vrablic approved over $300 million dollars in high risk loans for Trump starting in 2010. Bowers personally signed off on the Deutsche Bank loan for Trump’s Doral resort, according to the New York Times report. Vrablic’s other clients have included Jared Kushner and Stephen M. Ross.”

Additionally, The Daily Mail added, “A former Deutsche Bank executive who signed off on several controversial loans to Donald Trump was being discussed as part of an FBI probe into the bank where he acted as a ‘gatekeeper’ for its wealthiest customers before his death.”

The UK outlet also wrote:

He is among a handful of people who signed off on loans totaling $2 billion to Trump in the decades before he became president, even after other institutions turned him down. 

Trump’s dealings with Deutsche Bank is under investigation by two Congressional committees and the New York Attorney General, The New York Times reported. 

Investigators are seeking to use Deutsche Bank to probe Trump’s personal and business finances.

A source with knowledge of an FBI investigation into Deutsche Bank said that federal investigators had asked about Bowers and documents he might have. 

What’s interesting is that the FBI is examining whether Deutsche Bank complied with laws meant to stop money laundering.

According to a Reuters report:

The inquiry follows a report by the New York Times last month about bank employees in the U.S. compliance division who had flagged suspicious financial transactions to their superiors, who then opted not to escalate them to government authorities.

The transactions were notable because they were linked to companies controlled by President Donald Trump and his son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner, according to the report.

All indications are that this is nothing more than a routine investigation and President Trump has dismissed claims that he acted inappropriately saying that he didn’t need banks because he had so much cash on hand.  He also denied that money came to him from Russia.

However, if that is the case, why did he need to borrow hundreds of millions from George Soros to build?

Part of this, in my opinion, has to do with the push by Zionists and Zionists Christians.

We’ve been covering this in the past few installments of the Sons of Liberty morning show.  Here are those shows if interested.

Finally, let me make mention of the fact that Pastor Chuck Baldwin has called on Christians to abandon Christian Zionism, which is just as dangerous both spiritually and physically as Islam when you understand the ramifications.

We are at a decisive moment in Church history. We stand on the shoulders of the great Protestant Reformers, our Pilgrim forebears, the fearless Black Robed preachers of Colonial America and two Great Awakenings.

Most of us arrived at our current prophetical understandings via circuitous routes. And let’s acknowledge that the nuances of our varied understandings of Biblical prophecy will never be totally reconciled this side of eternity, at which time we will surely discover that none of us was 100% accurate about every jot and tittle of the matter.

But I want to talk about what unites us, not what divides us.

Whatever our disagreements, we all share the illumination from the blessed Holy Spirit to the hellish doctrines of so-called Christian Zionism, otherwise known as Prophetic Dispensationalism.

We rightly understand that the faux State of Israel created in 1948 has blinded and beguiled the vast majority of evangelicals and has taken control of our political, educational, media, entertainment and military establishments to the point that our country stands on the precipice of national disaster.

We also understand that the fascination and intoxication with faux Israel would not be taking place if not for the mass acceptance by pastors, teachers, college professors and televangelists of the false doctrines of Darby and Scofield.

We need a Second Reformation and a Third Great Awakening. We need an awakening to the deception and dangers of Christian Zionism—a term we all understand to be the quintessential oxymoron.

Our disagreements regarding the literalness, allegories, timing and placement of the characters and events of the Book of Revelation pale next to our agreement regarding the finished work of Christ on the Cross, the establishment of the New Covenant, the blessed promise of salvation through Christ alone by faith alone and that Christ has both fulfilled and abolished Jewish law and has broken down the wall between Savior and sinner—between Jew and Gentile.

We stand shoulder to shoulder against the attempts of Christian Zionists to split the singular Body of Christ, comprised of Jew and Gentile (“the Israel of God”) under one Head, the Lord Jesus Christ, into a freakish two-headed, two-bodied Jewish and Gentile monster.

We all understand the significance and prophetic fulfillment of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. We all understand that Christ fulfilled the promises given to Abraham and David. We all understand that the only Jerusalem for New Covenant believers is a Heavenly One.

Christian Zionism—or Israel-based Dispensationalism—has taken our country to the precipice of global war and domestic tyranny. It has divided the Church, obfuscated the truth, enslaved the mind and given false hope to millions.

I believe God has already begun calling a remnant out of the false gospel of Christian Zionism. I’m seeing people by the thousands repudiating Israel-based prophecy doctrines. I truly believe this is the beginning of that Third Great Awakening our country so desperately needs.

I call on Preterists, Full and Partial, I call on Postmillennialists, Amillennialists, Reformed and Premillennial Historicists to agreeably disagree on the nuances of prophecy and understand that none of us is the enemy of Christ.

I call on each of us to unite our hearts and our prayers in working together to help the masses of Christians and unchurched alike, whom God is already moving with His Spirit, and in exposing the fallacies of Christian Zionism—complete with its racial divisions, hatred and warmongering—and in tenderness and boldness bring the wanderers home: home to Peace, home to Love, home to God.

Again, here is the video address.

More than anything else, the false doctrines of Christian Zionism are taking America into a deep, dark abyss—an abyss from which, if not stopped, there may be no return (at least not for hundreds of years). 

We will never completely agree on all of the nuances of Bible prophecy, but we should be able to recognize the essential truth we share in rejecting the false doctrines of Christian Zionism and unite together on that basis.

Christian Zionism is a scourge; and it will take the unified efforts of all New Covenant believers to help bring the masses of evangelicals out of this devilish deception. If you agree, please share this video far and wide.

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