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Social Media Buzzing More About #HillaryIndictment Then #CubsWin

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Published on: November 4, 2016

For one, I am glad to see that this is an issue taking center stage. The thought that a lifetime criminal like Hillary Clinton continues to walk free while those who have done far less are imprisoned is enough to outrage anyone. It’s now reported that the new surrounding possible indictments of Hillary Clinton and those who she surrounds herself with have lit up social media, specifically Twitter.

Following The Chicago Cubs World Series win (#CubsWin) on Thursday, just over 80,000 people tweeted about it.

Compare that to 124,000 people who tweeted about #HillaryIndictment.

That trend flowed from Fox News’ report that sources inside the FBI claimed that multiple indictments were “almost certain” in the investigation into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Following my report about those “almost certain” indictments, I commented, “Call me cynical, but something just doesn’t smell right about any of this…”

A friend of mine then responded, “It’s the words ‘almost certain.’ Brings out the cynic in all of us.”

I agree. However, I’m glad that the news is racing across social media. One wonders how much of that trending was censored, considering that Clinton and Twitter are not only supported by the sodomites, but by the Islamic State too.

The bad news is that things like #GoodDeedFeed, #NationalSandwichDay and #WonderWoman topped news where a known criminal, who is seeking the highest office in the land, may be indicted, but is still on the ballot come Tuesday, November 8.

And many still wonder why our country is in the shape it’s in. Well, you need wonder no more. We are more interested in trivial things and being entertained than we are guarding our liberties and seeing that justice is implemented upon the guilty.

Finally, before you say all the bad things about Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and Hillary Clinton, which there are a plethora of things to say, consider that Congress has remained impotent to see that justice be brought upon the heads of the guilty too, and yes, that include Republicans who have controlled both for two years now. So, while many will be toeing that party line come Tuesday, just remember that the silence and inaction of the Republican Party has continually allowed the Democrats in the White House to commit these crimes.

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