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Sodomite Valedictorian Evan Young’s Grad Speech Highlights Left’s Inherent Narcissism

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Published on: June 17, 2015

I think this has gone just about far enough… Last month, the Twin Peaks Charter Academy in Longmont, Colorado, told 18-year-old valedictorian Evan Young that he could not use his commencement speech as a vehicle to officially “come out” as a sodomite during the graduation ceremony. The school’s stated reasoning was that they did not believe a discussion of any student’s sexual proclivities was appropriate material for a commencement address.

So, now Young and his supporters are playing the “Gay Card”…

What’s the Gay Card? Well, it’s a little like the Race Card, wherein a member or members of an ethnic minority use a rationalized or outright ginned-up injustice as evidence of bigotry, and enroll as many sympathizers as possible in a campaign to “get the bastards,” whomever they happen to be.

As always, the real objective is to chip away at moral convention, thereby advancing the agenda of the far left.

“What if next year’s valedictorian is gay?” Young’s father, Don Young said. “Let’s stop this now and be a safer school.”

Such utterances tend to be indicative of an activist mentality, or that Don Young has at least bought in to the idea that:

  1. homosexuality is perfectly normal,
  2. vapid, middle-class, adolescent homosexuals are at grave risk of being systematically “bullied to death” by their evil straight probably Christian peers, and;
  3. anyone who disagrees with the above ought to be squished like bugs.

And who is spearheading this playing of the Gay Card? Well, it’s none other than Colorado Rep. Jared Polis (D-Boulder) – himself a homosexual and closet communist who, after some choice redistricting, just happens to be my congressional representative as well as Young’s.

Lucky me, right..?

Anyway, Polis called for an independent investigation into this denial of Evan Young’s cotillion. After hearing of Evan’s situation, Polis obviously decided to exploit the situation for political gain, and considering how the sodomite movement is dominating the news cycle, this should be no surprise.

Polis, the Youngs, and their supporters now contend that Twin Peaks Charter Academy violated Evan’s rights because of his sexual orientation.

See the Race Card parallel?

So now everyone’s lawyering up. The Associated Press recently reported that a prominent Denver lawyer who represents the Twin Peaks Charter Academy board said in a letter to Polis that the school is hiring a law firm to look into the case. The local press is helping to form public opinion with headlines such as “High School valedictorian denied speech rights after planning to come out as gay,” which of course suggests that

  • Giving a speech is an actual “right”
  • Young was denied his opportunity to make the speech because he came out as a sodomite

Evan Young finally did get to deliver his speech on May 31 at event held by Out Boulder, a local sodomy activist group. Congressman Polis attended the event, and provided some wise words of victimhood. The torches and pitchforks contingent among them are making a huge deal about Evan having a 4.5 GPA and full-ride scholarship to Rutgers University – but who makes valedictorian if they’re not a great student?

Yes, it is disgusting that these putrescent servants of hell are exploiting a messed-up kid to advance their diabolical agenda. Their “necessity” in showcasing kids such as Evan Young is ostensibly to pave the way for the vapid, middle-class adolescent homosexuals who come behind them – but the true objective is to disenfranchise Americans who hold traditional values – Christians in particular.

But what I’d like to address here is an oversight that speaks to the innate evil of the left.

During a discussion of this topic on Colorado’s KCOL-AM recently, local host Jimmy Lakey pointed out what should have been obvious to anyone hearing this account: Young’s intention to exploit the commencement to premiere his sexual orientation was not only inappropriate, but blatantly and shamelessly narcissistic.

Here’s what’s really revealing: Your dedicated liberal – and certainly power players on the left – are so inherently narcissistic themselves, they don’t possess the capacity to recognize how self-absorbed Young’s intentions were, nor that their advancing his “crusade for justice” is audaciously promoting narcissism and conceit.

Liberal ideology has always appealed to our baser nature. Marxist leaders have long known that plying populations with the promise of free goodies (health care, welfare, Obamaphones, hot and cold running sex) even as they’re planning to enslave them, is a winning strategy.

Those twisted “core values” to which leftist leaders petition are all components of the narcissistic mindset.

One might not expect every high school senior to have the ability to temper their ego, but one should have expected the majority of adults around any given high school senior – and certainly an accomplished U.S. congressman – to see that Evan Young’s vision was over the top, and that escalating the matter is an absurdity.

The thing is: Hardcore liberals can’t see that, because they’re all cases of arrested development…

And that should be your major take-away from the Evan Young saga, wherever it goes from here – and something tells me we haven’t heard the last of it…


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