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Sourcewell: Using Grants & Deceiving The People To Push The UN Agenda

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Published on: February 2, 2021

One of my earlier articles mentioned how Sourcewell runs our cities and counties. In Minnesota, they partner with our local affiliate of the American Planning Association, League of Cities and Minnesota Green Steps. At first, they just offered grants to facilitate various projects. Then, they began to participate in the writing of the Comprehensive Plans that drive our cities and counties. Now, they have been given the go-ahead to completely write the plan. As I said before, the plan is based on the 17 Sustainable Goals of the United Nations, which is readily apparent because they use identical language.

So, what can you do to stop it? First, you must EXPOSE it. You can start with the groups involved but they may use different names in your state. So, familiarize yourselves with the LANGUAGE. Again, I will plug the Tom DeWeese book, SUSTAINABLE. Show that language to your elected officials. Request that they amend the plan to remove the language and add a short paragraph disavowing plans which follow UN design. If you have a GREEN plan of some kind, carefully check it for language and supporting groups. The supporting groups will likely be aligned with the ones I mentioned earlier and probably the most liberal university in your state.

Many states have governing bodies in the rural areas and outside of city limits. In Minnesota, they are called Townships (TWPs). They are mostly staffed by farmers, ranchers and other conservative citizens. Most will not yet have a Comprehensive or Planning 2030 document. Those that do can be amended as described above.

Counties are now expecting TWPs to have such a plan. They will tell you that it will cost about $5,000 dollars and a year to write. “But have no fear, they say. We will write it for you and give you a grant for half.” They will show you an example with many colorful pictures and graphs, most of which you do not need.

At our TWP, we decided we could write our own. The board asked several citizens to help and called it the Plan Steering Committee. Over a period of about 6 months, we hammered out one on about 6 pages with much protective language in it. Later, graphs were added, and then one of the board members who headed up the project put the wording into professional language. The final is about 12 pages and can be viewed on our website.  It’s the first article in green at the top. There are 2 other articles there that will help as well. This is a digital copy and can be modified in any way you need for your community. There is also an email (wesurvive63@protonmail-dot-com) where you can write for assistance. If your TWP is small, you can make it even shorter. This could be used as a pattern for small counties and cities as well.

In that same article, below the TWP Plan, is a link for a SURVEY. We designed that to be mailed out to all residents of our TWP. The first few questions are generic but the last 6 are the ones that showed the need for protective language. We got a high response rate with 87% approval to write a protective plan.

How will this stop the enemy? The plan by itself may not stand up. You can ask for assistance from your local Township Association or contact any constitutional legal groups for input. We are using ours AS IS. We will also file it with the county to make it official.

But now, you have alerted not only your local TWP Board but also most of your fellow residents if you used the survey.  However, another powerful tool is to convince schools, and elected officials not to accept any grants described in an earlier article. This is how they further their goals, one project at a time. Yes, I know the money is tempting but lobby hard to avoid it.

Tell everyone you know and name the groups. Call local radio and write to your representatives in the State House. We have now gone to nearly every TWP Board meeting in our county and now moving into other counties and training folks there to carry the message. Exposure is the enemy’s biggest fear and they will back down in public when faced with their connections and goals, especially when their programs usually tie into the Comprehensive Sex Education described in an earlier article.

The next article will attempt to tie it all together in one reference article. Thanks and KEEP UP THE PRAYERS!

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