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Special School For Immigrants in Maryland to Learn English Faces Opposition from NAACP

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Published on: March 6, 2015

Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not – Jeremiah 5:21 (KJV)

It has been reported that a Maryland chapter of the NAACP is squaring off against the Latino activist group Casa de Maryland. The issue centers around the opening of two new schools geared strictly toward immigrant students to help them learn English and decrease the number of dropouts among the Latino immigrant population.

According to the Daily Caller:

The Prince George’s chapter of the NAACP call the facilities “separate but unequal,” and its president, Bob Ross, fears that money for the schools will be diverted from black schoolchildren, WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C. Reports.

The schools, which would be operated by CASA International, are scheduled to open in August. The Carnegie Foundation will provide $3 million in seed money, but more would be needed to keep them afloat.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

According to the WUSA 9 report, “it will take millions of dollars more in county money to run them.”

It was not made clear whether these schools for non-English speaking Latino children would be teaching just English or all subjects. Either way, the school would need funds from the county to operate after the initial outset of funds by the Carnegie Foundation.

Did anyone not see this coming? Evidently, the NAACP seemed oblivious to the idea that illegal alien invaders would want to establish separate learning institutions under the guise of “teaching students” English and help students “assimilate” into society by keeping them separate. Casa de Maryland stands on that rationale for separate learning institutions citing a 50% dropout rate among Latino students in the county because of the inability to speak English.

One could surmise this would be considered a “private” school as it would be operated, not by the government, but by CASA International, that would need to receive county funding to stay in operation.

Ross and the NAACP are determined to fight this plan by appealing to the Prince George’s County Executive.

“It goes back to separate but equal,” Ross told WUSA 9. “And we fought that battle over 50 years ago.”

Ross complained, “This is a very awkward position because black and brown, people try to say we have the same struggles. But I sort of take it a little differently. We don’t have the same struggles because we came here for over 400 years of slavery and moved forward. People who are arriving now are coming of their own accord.”

While the many backers of this CASA International School claim that no funds will be siphoned off from other schools in the county, not one explained where the additional county funds would come from to “support” this private school.

Ross had to play the “race” and “slave” card. Yes, slavery was a mistake. It was corrected in this country; however, slavery continues today in other countries amongst all races, ethnicities, genders, and religions, meaning it is a people problem throughout the world. As far as “struggles,” those were over quite some time ago; but, there are many Americans, like Al Sharpton, who continually race-bait to keep alive these “struggles” for their own personal gain while pandering the “victim” mentality. One can’t help but wonder if Ross feels threatened that “special” privileges that have been extended to black Americans will be cast aside.

Ross, in essence, missed the bigger picture. The bigger picture is the illegal alien invaders who flood this country, not wanting to assimilate, but carve out little communities where they can exist in a bubble, remaining separate, while enjoying elevated status given to them by the Obama administration. This administration has put these illegal alien invaders on a “fast track” to citizenship, making them eligible for government assistance, pardoning their lawbreaking and shuffling them all across the country on the taxpayers’ dime. They have essentially been moved to the “head of the line” with everyone else being shoved back. Social Security numbers are being issued to these illegals by the federal government while some states are issuing them driver’s licenses. With all of this comes the ability to vote. In return, these illegal alien invaders have to do nothing – not even assimilate.

At one time, immigrants learned English, on their own, in order to assimilate into the society of this country because they wanted to be American. Now, they don’t have to with every imaginable document being printed in 120 languages. Automated phone systems have you declare your language – Press ‘1’ for English. Given enough time, their national holidays will be mixed with US national holidays, anything offensive to any immigrant group will be squashed and prevented, and yes, even their foreign laws will sneak their way into our judicial system. It’s all about “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

The bigger picture, in addition to the unwillingness of immigrants to assimilate, is Americans seeking to obtain “special” or “protected” status for their particular groups. This creates an unnecessary conflict along demographic boundaries detrimental to the whole of America and Americans. With the advent of the ideology of “multiculturalism,” being “an American” is no longer fashionable. One must further define themselves according to ethnicity, setting themselves apart. Then, each group seeks some form of recognition through “special” treatment, protection, or privilege, further driving a wedge between Americans since giving to one group may mean taking from another. If there is no “robbing Peter to pay Paul” scenario, money is then being extracted from all working Americans to “ease” tensions. The cycle continues decade after decade. One only has to look at the numerous “groups” that exist in America today to see the cycle in perpetual motion.

It has created and perpetuated “inequality.”

Basically, it comes down to wanting “special privilege,” period. Whether that need is because of some perceived oppression, imagined “right,” or ego is anyone’s guess.

While Ross looks at this from only one perspective, one related to race, the bigger picture is the continuing of inequality that has engulfed our nation. Remember, he cited “brown and black” then played the slave card. His perspective is clear. Instead of approaching this “inequality” from a standpoint in which all Americans could relate, he approached it from his narrow point of view – a threat to black status that he considers privileged.

In a recent article here at Freedom Outpost, it was reported that Obama’s immigration plan seeks to establish a “country within a country” where citizens would fade into the shadows and immigrants, who were previously illegal, will step up and “control” that country. These immigrants would not be required to assimilate but take over the host. It was also indicated that American taxpayers would foot the bill.

The illegals have become “empowered” because of Obama’s policies regarding “amnesty” and are now expecting “special” treatment in the form of separate schools. All Americans should be concerned, but Ross and the NAACP chose to focus solely on this issue of race instead of the larger issue at hand. This is not a racial issue; it is an American issue as additional taxes might be needed to fund these schools. If additional taxes are not implemented, funds for school operations would be even more strained should funds be diverted for “private” schools for a select group.

While this situation is presenting itself in Maryland, how much longer will it take to spread to other states considering the number of illegals that are invading our nation?

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