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Spokane NAACP President Isn’t Really Black – So What?

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Published on: June 12, 2015

Bruce Jenner’s ‘courage’… now gives everyone the ability to be whatever they say they are and want to be – no matter what anyone else thinks. LOL

Live with it, Ozombies. Live with it, NAACP. This is the kind of crap that you LIBs bring into society, and it always comes back to bite you in the ass.”

That’s a statement from one of my Facebook friends commenting on the brewing controversy around the local NAACP president in Spokane, Washington. Apparently the woman, Rachel Dolezal, says she is black. Her parents and some pretty convincing forensic evidence say otherwise…

But as my Facebook buddy sarcastically suggests: What does it really matter? If Rachel Dolezal is white, but wants to self-identify as black, how is it any different than someone who is physiologically and genetically male who wants to identify as female? If I want to self-identify as a Laplander or a Ubangi, who are you to judge?

My Facebook guy’s post was accompanied by the video from KIRO TV Seattle, which of course is covering the matter…

Now, honestly – does Rachel Dolezal come off as any more or less “white” than, for example, former NAACP national president Ben Jealous, Marilyn Mosby, or Bryant Gumbel for that matter?

The City of Spokane announced Thursday it’s investigating Dolezal. In the meantime, she’s getting hate mail, death threats, and the press is characterizing her as a fraud.

I mean – it’s not like she’s a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, who claimed she was an ethnicity she’s not in order to curry favor with voters or something.

Or, could it be that we’re dealing with yet another instance of a liberal double standard here? The left is spending a lot of political capital (and capital capital) on advancing the idea that gender is “fluid” – all of those transgender teens who are allegedly being bullied into suicide, and the rights of people like Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner to “be who they wanna be.”

How is it that race is somehow more sacrosanct than gender?

I’m waiting…


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