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States Comply with Federal Programs to Change our Children’s Values

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Published on: August 8, 2014

In a recent article, I connected the dots to data mining and a federal program named the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program (PBIS) and the “specialists” that are being hired by school districts to oversee the implementation of this program. What was interesting was the citizen’s response to this specialist in their school district when the announcement was made in the local newspaper. There was more concern about the salary being paid as well as concerns over nepotism, due to the fact that the Fayette County, Georgia school board hired the wife of their school superintendent. Nobody asked: What is the PBIS program?

But, that is the myopic society that we live in now.   If a program name sounds nice then we don’t question it.   After all, who doesn’t want their child to have “positive behavior?” After researching the program, one could rightfully name it the Federal Government Program for Changing the Values of our Nation’s Children While Collecting Private and Confidential Data and Sharing the Information with the Federal Government.  

Now, with this program name, do you think people would care who was hired to facilitate the federal government’s wishes and control?

My last article connected the dots to data mining, now let’s talk about the intent to change our children’s values.

From the PBIS website:

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is based on a problem-solving model and aims to prevent inappropriate behavior through teaching and reinforcing appropriate behaviors (OSEP Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports, 2007). Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a process that is consistent with the core principles of RTI. Similar to RTI, PBIS offers a range of interventions that are systematically applied to students based on their demonstrated level of need, and addresses the role of the environment as it applies to development and improvement of behavior problems.

Now, just in case you are thinking we have a program in place that will take the truly bad, behaved children out of the classroom, or “help” them be better children through love and kindness, understand that this program involves the federal government’s anti-bullying push and what our federal government has determined is “appropriate behavior.”   According to the bully-prevention link from the PBIS website, appropriate behavior is demonstrated when a child not only “tolerates” a homosexual lifestyle, but is also bullied into never speaking out against it.  

Anti-Bullying legislation is about changing the values of our youngest children to accept homosexuality as “perfectly normal.”    Children of Christian families are intimidated into keeping silent about their Christian beliefs until their values are changed to accept every conceivable sexual lifestyle as normal.  The main organization that pushes this agenda is the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN.)

The problem for most parents is that they have no idea their child is being taught anti-Christian and anti-family values until it is too late.   Parents are never asked permission for their child to go through such as anti-bullying programs.  Parents are never asked permission for their child to take part in surveys that ask highly intrusive Questions.  

So, in my opinion, nepotism among our school administrators is the least of our worries with these federal grant programs that flood into our schools with clear intent to break down all morality in our culture.

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