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Supreme Court Did Not Make Abortion The Law Of The Land – They Made Murdering Babies For Money The Lawlessness Of The Land

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Published on: April 1, 2019

Last night I went to see the movie Unplanned. I highly recommend that people go see this movie. It was excellently done and they did a great job in showing things that few people are willing to think about.

One of the things that shocked me was when I thought of all the lies that not only needed to be told, but the lies people needed to believe for these atrocities to have happened in our country. I sat there wondering just how many victims there are. That is when something hit me that I am still trying to wrap my mind around.

If you use the number of 60 million, which grows by the day, of how many babies have been killed, that would not be the total number of victims. The number of victims could be 120 million if you include the mothers.

When you think about it, a huge amount of pressure is put on these girls and women who become pregnant and are confused about what to do. They may be a girl molested by someone, and they are being pressured to hide the evidence of the crime. They may be a woman who made a mistake, and they want to hide the evidence of their mistake. They think they are going to someone that will help them with their problem. They are walking into a place that pretends to be a clinic and pretends to care about them. The reality is that place wants to make money killing the women’s babies, and then it wants to continue to make money selling the baby’s body parts. If we include the mother who has been lied to and convinced that she is not killing her own child, as a victim the number could be 120 million.

What about the people who work in the place that pretends to be a clinic? They have been lied to so many times it is hard to even begin to count how many lies they were told.

First, they call it abortion so it has a special name that hides the fact that a baby is killed. Then they call the baby a fetus or a product of conception, so they dehumanize the baby. Then they tell them the Supreme Court, who they claim everyone respects, made abortion the law of the land. Then they tell them that it is about reproductive rights. They claim that they are really fighting for the good of women. Then they tell them they should consider themselves heroes. The problem is if you are fighting for the good of women, as in a war, you are supposed to kill an enemy.

We have been lied to for so long, that people now believe that someone’s child is an enemy that needs to be killed. They are told if they just believe what they are doing is good, they will be heroes. They may be told they are heroes, but I think many of them are victims. Many of the Planned Parenthood workers need to be saved from the lies and deception as much as the babies need to be saved from the Planned Parenthood workers.

People condemn this country for allowing slavery, but they do not seem to think about that as much as they should. Slavery was claimed to be the law of the land. The Supreme Court ruled that slavery had to be allowed. It was all those people ever knew. Slavery was happening when they were born, and slavery continued even after many of them had died. Why would they think slavery, that was so common at that time, was wrong? They were even told that slavery was about property rights. So when they denied a black person their right to not be property, they claimed that they were really granting someone else their property rights.

All they had to do was ignore the fact that they were denying the black person their human rights, so they could claim that they were protecting the slave owners’ property rights.  

People thought that was normal back then. They did not understand it was wrong. Just as many people today think that you can deny a baby their right to life, the baby’s human rights, by claiming they are protecting the mother’s reproductive rights. These mothers are not being told the truth. If these mothers or the Planned Parenthood workers were to walk into any church today, will they be told that they are being lied to?  How are they supposed to know they have been lied to if no one will tell them the difference between lies and truth? Do American churches today even know the difference between lies and truth? We should examine these lies so we can promote the truth.

The law of the land lie. Courts cannot make murder legal. We used to believe this. After World War II they had the Nuremberg trials and executed Hitler’s followers for all the murder they had allowed, ordered, or participated in. We did not care if the German government had claimed that killing innocent people was legal. The American government at that time said people have human rights that no one can violate. They said that the German government could not make violating those human rights legal.

Some of Hitler’s followers claimed they were just obeying orders. They were told by the Nuremberg Court that orders that violate human rights should be disobeyed, and therefore obeying orders is not a defense for violating human rights.

Today our government may refuse to enforce the laws against murder, but that does not make murder right or legal. All it does is show lawlessness supported by our government and allowed by us.

Reproductive rights. They cannot give what is not theirs to give. If I gave you my neighbor’s car, did I grant you a right to my neighbor’s car? No, it was not mine to give. If I steal my neighbor’s car and give it to you, I become a thief and I make you an accomplice. When people in power allow someone to kill a baby, they did not have a right to that baby’s life. They did not grant reproductive rights, they stole a baby’s life. A sign a government is not legitimate is that they allow murder, or they themselves murder. Our government is no longer legitimate. Yes, it still has power, but it does not have the right to kill the innocent any more then Hitler did. People steal things every day. The fact that they are not being forced to obey the law does not prove that what they are doing is legal. Hitler got away with his lawlessness until someone made him stop.

The question becomes, will the American people stop our government from allowing and paying for the murder of babies? Will we finally do that at the voting booth?

When Hitler and his followers were murdering the 21 million people they killed, I am sure people were praying for God to stop Hitler’s murdering. Was the answer to their prayers the Allied bombing of the German country? Eventually, Non-Germans with guns went into the German country and stopped Hitler and his followers from murdering. People prayed for the murdering to stop, and it did stop. Germany was a bombed out mess when it was all over, but Hitler’s murdering was stopped.

Hitler killed 20,946,000 people, almost 21 million. The number of babies killed in the United States of America is well over 60 million, possibly now as many as 70 million. Our country has now killed over 3 times the number of people that Hitler and his followers have killed. Just because God takes a while to answer prayers does not mean he is not going to answer them. We need to think long and hard about it.

What is that answer to the prayers to stop the murder of babies in America going to look like? Are we really supposed to think that God is going to allow the murdering of babies in America to continue because the babies’ ages are different than the ages of Hitler’s murder victims in Germany?

Is God giving us the time to fix this problem ourselves? If we do not demand that our government stop being lawless and that they actually stop the killing, what will God’s stopping the murdering of babies look like. Will God need to send Non-Americans with guns to America to make Americans stop killing babies in Planned Parenthood facilities and other facilities? What will the answer to the prayers to stop killing babies look like? Is God waiting for the American Christians to prove that they are a complete lost cause?

Unless Christians start teaching in their churches how wrong it is to kill innocent babies, they may be a lost cause.

We should be praying for these atrocities to stop. If we are not praying for that it tells a lot about our hearts. Jesus gave us something important to think about in Mathew 25:34-46 when he tells of when he hungered and was thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick, and in prison, and they feed and cared for him. In verse 40, Jesus says: “as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Jesus did not say they caused those problems so they needed to fix them. He was saying because they helped ease that suffering, they were helping Jesus. Jesus was telling them that alleviating the suffering of others was the same thing as alleviating the suffering of Jesus.

We need to pay close attention to verses 41 through 46 when Jesus tells them that he hungered and was thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick, and in prison, and they did not care for him. In verse 44 they say: “Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?” Again Jesus did not say they caused any of these things. They only saw the suffering and did not help. Jesus then answered them: “In as much as you did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.” Verse 46 Jesus says “And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal”

This brings me to the last question of this article. Will Jesus someday tell us that he was a baby being torn to pieces by a Planned Parenthood doctor and we did not save His life?

Go see the movie Unplanned.

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