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Syrian Islamic Jihadists cut off Orphan Child’s Limb because He Tried to Obtain Food Selling Stolen Battery

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Published on: October 10, 2016

This is the kind of behavior that has led to some bold and courageous Canadians taking a stand against the barbaric ways of the 7th Century homeland of Islam. It’s now being reported that Islamic State jihadists, not radicals but those who actually practice the anti-christ religion and ideology of Islam, are severing the limbs of children for begging for food in the streets because they are starving as a result of the Islamic State’s imposition of Sharia law.

One of the families managed to escape the city of Raqqa in Syria and told Sky News that some of the victims of the Islamic State’s atrocities were as young as 11 years old.

“All my children have seen them,” an unnamed mother told the British news outlet.

Among some of the stories told was an 11-year-old orphan boy who was attempting to sell a stolen car battery for food. When he was discovered, he was reportedly tied down and his arm was chopped off by Islamic jihadists.

”They used a sword… they put a block of wood underneath his hand, put his hand on it and said this stole a car battery … they didn’t say he was an orphan,” the mother said. “They said this hand has stolen and he had to be punished and they cut his hand off. We know him, he was our neighbour and he was an orphan.”

Apparently, the man the boy tried to sell the battery to informed members of the Islamic State and they simply acted on one person’s claim.

As I have previously shown, this is radically different from how Biblical law is to be enforced and justice meted out, despite the ignorant claims of people who claim I’m a Christian Taliban. What was done to this little boy was not compassionate nor was it just. It was a demonically inspired act of violence from sadistically minded men who follow in the footsteps of Muhammad.

Another family claimed that they were almost forced to sell their 14-year-old daughter into marriage with an Islamic State jihadist from Egypt, who was 29. The young girl’s father was killed in an airstrike. Her mother was forced to care for her and her four brothers by herself.

“My daughter said, ‘My mother, do you think if my father was alive, he would accept this marriage?'” the woman recalled.

“He told me to carry a weapon and to stay with them,” the young girl added. “I told him, ‘please I want to leave now.'”

“She is a baby,” the mother interrupted. “How can they let her carry a weapon?  At her age, she should be in the ninth grade. She is still playing on the swings with her little friends. She’s not interested in guns.”

“When you enter their areas, it is terrifying: you see ammunition and weapons,” she continued.

Of course, I’m sure there is a terrifying effect of knowing such monsters have large caches of weapons and ammunition. However, one must ask the question of why it is terrifying and the answer is quite simple. The people are deprived of owning such weapons and ammunition. Does anyone think for one moment that if the victims of these jihadists were armed that there would be the sort of fear present that is there now? I think not, but this goes back to God-given rights to defend one’s self, family, neighbors and country.

By the way, the reason that this is going on in Syria currently is not because of Bashar al-Assad, but because of the Obama administration putting its nose where it did not belong. After all, they are the ones, along with members of Congress, who responsible for training, funding and arming these jihadists.

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