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Birth of a Hate Movement: Whites Watch Your Backs Around Angry Blacks

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Published on: October 10, 2016

Warning to whites: Avoid black people. Your life may be at risk.

Whites are under attack like no other time in history. It’s about to get worse.

More than 100 years ago, President Woodrow Wilson screened a movie in the White House, “The Birth of a Nation,” originally called “The Clansmen.” Historian Carol Swain told Dinesh D’Souza in his latest documentary that the film inspired a resurgence of membership in the Ku Klux Klan.

Today, another American president has brought a worse hate movement to the White House: Black Lives Matter. And this past Friday, another hate-inspired propaganda movie with the same name, “The Birth of a Nation,” was released. It’s evil enough to stir black anger to new levels of violence against whites.

If you don’t already know about rampant black-on-white crime (rape, robbery, murder and atrocious assaults), check the research of Colin Flaherty, Heather Mac Donald and Jared Taylor.

Yet if whites even hint about the truth of black moral degradation, they get suspended, fired or have their basketball team taken away – and they’re forced to apologize. This injustice strikes fear and anger in whites.

Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina, succumbed to this anger and lashed out at innocent blacks in attempt to “start a race war.” Roof did not grow up “racist,” but angry and drug-abusing, raised mostly by his stepmother in a broken family. He could not handle the evil in the world, so it got inside him.

One KKK leader contacted me recently wanting to help stop a race war – to prevent another Dylann Roof-like retaliation.

But who’s stopping blacks from retaliating over imaginary “racism”? Propaganda fed to blacks boils their anger by design: from obscure, mostly justified police shootings to endless slave movies, the alchemists drive bitter blacks insane with rage.

I spoke with one black man who saw “The Birth of a Nation.” I asked how he felt watching it. He said, “I have to be honest with you – it made me wish a white person would say one wrong thing to me.” He wanted the excuse to “go off” on a white person – a normally reasonable and good-natured man.

I warned another black man who called my radio show not to watch this movie. He’s a conservative family man, former law enforcement and loves me – but I cautioned that if he harbors any anger within, he may not withstand this poison.

One young listener called in to promote the movie. Evil dripped through his voice – he has completely swallowed the lie of “racism” promoted by academia and black culture.

The blog Information Liberation references reports in the New York Times and the Daily Mail that reveal the backstory of Nat Turner, the historical protagonist in “The Birth of a Nation”: horrific murders he and other blacks carried out in a slave revolt.

According to Nat Turner’s white lawyer, he confessed to going house-to-house killing white families, taking an ax to a sleeping woman, slaughtering children in a schoolroom, butchering a baby and forcing a woman to look at her husband’s mangled body before shooting her in the head. Nat Turner’s followers reportedly killed 55 white people.

From the Daily Mail:

After the rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia in August 1831 was finally suppressed[,] some 60 blacks accused of being co-conspirators were executed.

Turner was hanged after avoiding capture for two months and white militias killed around 200 blacks in revenge attacks even though they had nothing to do with the rebellion.

Now a slave movie glorifies black-on-white violence as an “uprising.”

The New York Times reports that Fox Searchlight made efforts to “inspire” and not “incite” black people, pre-screening “The Birth of a Nation” in black churches with silly messaging that blacks should “rise up and vote” or “rise up and build affordable housing” (not “rise up and kill whites”).

Yeah, right. You can be sure the movie feeds black anger. By the filmmaker’s admission, this is a naked attempt to parallel dubious “history” with phony perceived “injustices” of today.

Actor and producer Nate Parker, who knows what it is to be accused, repeats a line written for Nat Turner’s wife, an utter lie: “They’re killing people everywhere for no reason at all but being black.”

Nate Parker portrays his black “hero” as the picture of dignity. But blacks today are undignified, hate authority and lack any concept of justice.

Blacks are the most violent people in America, all the more in interracial attacks. But the wicked amplify and applaud black anger as though they’re “victims.”

I cannot think of anything more evil than to justify anger.

Whites, watch your backs; keep your wits about you. Stay out of black areas. Avoid black people on public transportation. Don’t walk alone at night. Don’t be a target. And don’t think you’re tough.

Decent men desperately need to conquer anger. As I write in “The Antidote,” a man must love his father in order to know God. So he finds the courage and clarity to overcome evil with good.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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