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Television as a Pyschopolitical Weapon

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Published on: August 13, 2015

On October 30, 1938, the United States population was driven into a panic stricken state of mind as the broadcast of H.G. Wells‘s War of the Worlds was heard across the country. The story was played as if it were an actual news event depicting an invasion of aliens from the planet Mars. This was before the advent of television when it wasn’t uncommon for families to gather around the radio and listen to “shows” in much the same way that they gather around the television today. The resulting panic from the broadcast drew the attention of the social scientists of the time, as they immediately began the work of studying the human reaction to panic and fear. This research, in many ways, laid the ground work for many of the “mechanisms of control” we currently see in our society. Consider the following quote from Haldey Cantril’s “The Invasion from Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic.”

“Such rare occurrences provide opportunities for social scientists to study mass behavior. They must be exploited when they come. Although the social scientists unfortunately cannot usually predict such situations and have his tools of investigations ready to analyze the phenomena while it is still on the wing, he can begin his work before the effects of the crisis are over and memories are blurred. The situation created by the broadcast was one which shows us how the common man reacts in a time of stress and strain. It gives us insight into his intelligence, his anxieties and his needs, which we would never get by tests or strictly experimental studies.”

This quote is quite telling in its intentions when you consider the fact that our news media is little more than a collection of stories designed to portray society as dangerous and something to be feared. Rarely do we see any stories on the news that remind us of the compassionate side of human beings and what we are capable of us as a society when we work together. Instead, all we see is murder, crime, environmental disasters, and a political side show attempting to make us believe one man can fix it all. The media is being used as a mechanism to keep us in a constant state of panic, and the social science behind human behavior, some of which was discovered after the War of the Worlds broadcast, is being used as the mechanism to keep us in the dialectic. This is summed up nicely in Edward Bernay’s 1928 book, Propaganda.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of the country.”

This is the very purpose of the television media, not to mention Hollywood and all of the anti-American films they produce. The majority of what you watch every day is designed to blur your conscious thought process, put you in a state of shock, and guide your opinions and beliefs to the left—towards the acceptance of a communistic society. This becomes evident when you consider who funded much of the research that was conducted in the early part of the twentieth century concerning human behavior. Cantril, (author of The Invasion from Mars) was affiliated with Princeton University’s “radio research project,” which was funded by none other than the Rockefeller foundation. The Rockefeller name is, of course, synonymous with those groups behind the efforts to create a one world government. Other groups behind this type of research included the Council on Foreign Relations and the Rand Corporation.

Cantril later went on to establish the Office of Public Opinion Research. This organization paved the way for much of the apparatus that makes up the United States propaganda efforts as it studied the effectiveness of PSYCHO-POLITICAL operations that were being conducted by what was then known as the Office of Strategic Services, fore runner to today’s Central Intelligence Agency. Rockefeller money also contributed to Cantril and Princeton’s efforts to study radio propaganda being used in Nazi Germany during World War II. In my last book, Not on My Watch, I discussed The Frankfurt School of Social Research which was a school dedicated to the cause of bringing cultural Marxism into societies. This school was closed in Frankfurt and brought to the United States in 1933. There is little doubt that much of the “radio propaganda” being studied by Princeton revolved around the teachings of the Frankfurt school. In essence, the understanding of human behavior and how to guide public opinion was already well established by the time television was invented. It may be safe to conclude that the television was invented exclusively to build upon this apparatus of control.

At the very least, it is blatantly obvious that all of the violence seen on television is deliberately being shown to shock the subconscious while in a subdued, hypnotized type state. Seeing as though determining the effectiveness of Psycho-Political operations was one of the main objectives of Cantril’s studies, we should examine what the Soviet Manual on Psychopolitics has to say on the issue of violence.

Beria writes, in the Manual of Psychopolitics, that Russian psychiatrists fully understood that an acute sense of fear can create a hypnotic state of mind. He also says that this acute state of fear can be caused by “shock of an emotional nature” and the use of drugs. Is it possible that television, along with the high rate of psychotropic drug use is causing Americans to live in a constant of state of fear? A state of fear so emotionally overwhelming that it prompts them to simply go along and surrender their liberties willingly?

“In order to induce a high state of hypnology in an individual, a group, or a population, an element of terror must always be present on the part of those who would govern.”

This is why the mainstream media and Hollywood are constantly exposing us to violence. This is why they continuously push stories of deranged gunmen who suddenly snap; they are attempting to create a state of panic in the minds of men that would make them more controllable and more willing to obey. Many people understand this concept; however, what they may not understand is the science behind it and the role television plays. In essence, the constant exposure to brutal violence in the media and the gruesome inhumanity displayed in Hollywood films, combined with the altered state of consciousness caused by the drugs, is a deliberate tactic of the communists used to subdue your will to fight for your liberty.

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