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Should We Thank Obama for #Brexit?

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Published on: July 4, 2016

Oh my, how delicious. During an interview on Fox News on Thursday, British politician Daniel Hannan had this to say about President Barack Obama’s “influence” on the Brexit vote.

He did intervene very directly in our system and I have to say he had the opposite effect from the one he intended. There were four opinion polls taken the week after Mr. Obama told us to vote remain and all of them showed a sharp swing to leave and I have to now say, you know I don’t know whether he was a secret agent on our side all along, but he may given the narrowness of the result have been the reason that we’re now a sovereign and independent country again. You know what, I can’t help noticing that you guys voted [to] leave a while ago, it seems to have worked out okay for you.

That is a brilliant takeaway, and one that I had not yet heard much about. With that being said, we should wonder if President Obama’s decision to step into the Brexit debate really did hurt the “Remain” Campaign.

On a similar issue, President Obama did his best to rally the “One-World” globalist troops while meeting with the leaders of Canada and Mexico on Wednesday. During a press conference he argued that we can no longer be focused on ourselves, but must instead be about the business of nurturing the “global” economy.

“The prescription of withdrawing from trade deals and focusing solely on your local market, that’s the wrong medicine. It’s not feasible because our auto plants, for example, would shut down if we didn’t have access to some parts in other parts of the world. So we’d lose jobs. And the amount of disruption involved would be enormous.”

I’m pretty sure that no serious politician anywhere is saying “let’s withdraw from free trade deals and let’s focus on just our local market.” Now some are saying that some of these trade deals that we are involved in are just not in our best interests any more, and we need to search for better deals in new markets. But choosing as the British did this past week to withdraw from a failing multilateral deal in the hopes of negotiating and entering in to new bilateral deals… is not the same as withdrawing from the world, no matter how hard liberals try to pretend it is.

Kudos to the British for exerting their independence from Europe, and I hope that the American people follow suit in November.

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