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The Bee Is A Buzzin: Babylon Bee Is Driving Anti-American, Corporate-Owned Media Crazy

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Published on: January 31, 2020

I have to admit, I find many of the Christian satire site Babylon Bee’s articles refreshing in their attempt to use satire and mockery to expose the truth.  Apparently, those who are “useful idiots” in the media, especially those who are employed by the “least trusted name in news,” and you know who you are, are getting rather frustrated with that busy little Bee.

Speaking of the least trusted name in news, I do wonder when some of these third-party paid fact-checkers that Facebook employs, such as Lead Stories who have decades-old veterans from CNN, and other self-proclaimed fact-checkers that distort the facts, such as Newsguard, are actually going to label such outlets like CNN as “fake news,” since there is a plethora of documentation that they completely make up things out of thin air.  I’m not holding my breath.  They’re all on the same team.

This brings us to a report by Selwyn Duke of The New American.

He writes:

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” wrote socialist Saul “the Red” Alinsky in his book Rules for Radicals. It “infuriates the opposition.” His fellow leftists are certainly proving this true, too. Having a “Babylon Bee in their bonnets,” they’re attacking the satirical site because, apparently, they only like fake news when it’s masquerading as the real thing.

Implying that there’s one bee die-off they’d like to see, the New York Times warned in 2019, “The line between misinformation and satire can be thin, and real consequences can result when it is crossed. On social media, parody can be misconstrued or misrepresented as it moves further and further from its source. And humor has been weaponized to help spread falsehoods online.”

This is the same Times whose Walter Duranty reported in the 1930s that all was hunky-dory in the Stalinist USSR when, in reality, millions of peasants were being systematically starved to death. It’s okay, though, because Duranty wasn’t joking. He was lying — and got a Pulitzer for it, too.

CNN also attacked the Babylon Bee, which is Christian satire site founded in 2016 that now boasts 15 million monthly page views, complaining about deception, writing that many people “don’t know it is satire.”

This is the same Counterfeit News Network whose employees were caught in 2017 on hidden camera admitting the Trump/Russia/collusion story was nonsense — but they were pushing it, anyway. As National Review recently quipped, “Did you know that CNN has a reporter on the ‘disinformation’ beat?”

“I’ll skip the cheap joke about his never having to leave the office…”

Much like Elizabeth Warren’s newfound embrace of her whiteness, leftists’ warnings about satire threatening the Republic are situational. They never complained about the satirical website the Onion, founded in 1988; or “New Yorker humorist and inexplicable viral goldmine Andy Borowitz”; or “the satirical ‘news’ programs that dominate streaming services and late-night television,” points out the Washington Examiner.

Nor did they ever claim the satirical articles and cartoons peppering colonial-era American newspapers damaged our founding or that Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” or Gulliver’s Travels did violence to 18th-century Britain’s grasp of reality.

Oh, it’s not that jokes can’t have damaging staying power. Ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin is still mockingly remembered for the line, “I can see Russia from my house,” for example.

Except that she never said it.

Comedienne Tina Fey did, spoofing Palin on a 2008 Saturday Night Live telecast.

Oh, yeah, the mainstream media never complained about that misconception, either.

So don’t “be fooled into thinking the news media’s newfound concerns for satire have anything to do with protecting the public from falsehoods,” writes the Examiner. “The alarms that sound now for the Babylon Bee stem from transparent partisan politics.”

You see, not only does the site mock the Left (and Trump, too, sometimes), but many consider the Bee, well, the bee’s knees. It has exploded in popularity.

And that the attacks have also exploded from the “corporate press” — which for years gushed over ex-Comedy Central host and faux newsman Jon Stewart — has been “illuminating,” Bee editor-in-chief Kyle Mann told the Examiner.

“‘The hypocrisy is blatant,’ said Mann. ‘When liberal late shows and satire sites fool people, they say it’s because the satire is hitting close to home,” the Examiner relates. “‘When our satire is mistaken for real news, they say we’re a dangerous threat to democracy that must be silenced.’”

In truth, leftists hate the Bee not because it makes people believe damned lies about them, but because it well illustrates damning truths about them.

Indeed!  And what are some of those headlines, you may ask?

And, of course, like us, they also point out some of Trump’s own issues.

Relax guys, it’s not fake news when it’s clearly stated at satire to prove a point that some people just don’t want to admit.

Satire is also a great way of getting one’s point across, which is why Babylon Bee is so popular.

People are tired of the drama and propaganda, and they are finding it refreshing that the writers at Babylon Bee are able to communicate truth via satire.

Truth is something that anti-Americans do not want to hear and so the only thing they can think to do is to attack a self-professed satire site as “fake news.”

Is anyone else concerned about the mental condition of such people?

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