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The Complete & Utter Stupidity & Unconstitutional Guidelines Of Coronavirus Taskforce Doctor (Video)

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Published on: March 18, 2020

Where do they get these people?  I’m serious!  OK, it isn’t just President Trump’s Coronavirus Taskforce Doctor that is problematic in this, it’s virtually everyone that is falling into this trap.  However, her comments on Tuesday on how they want people to deal with the alleged outbreak we are being told about is a good example of a lack of rational thinking being applied.

Take a look at the press conference…. keep in mind the number in this gathering of people.

Don’t gather with large numbers of people?

Keep your distance?

How many people are in that shot above before you start the video?  There are at least six people in the space of just a few feet, one being the president of the united States and the other is the vice president.

Let’s not forget Dr. Brix is telling people to keep their gatherings to under 10 people!

Obviously, Dr. Brix and those on the platform are not the only ones in the room either.

The room currently seats 49 reporters, and that doesn’t count anyone standing around.

Clearly, no one in that room is leading by example.

Where are the masks?

I mean no one in there can be sure the person beside them doesn’t have coronavirus, right?

It’s worse, this kind of thinking is spreading in the states.

In the US occupied state of South Carolina, Governor Henry McMasters declared that restaurants were no longer able to provide in house dining for patrons and bars would be closed.  No, seriously!

However, you can still get your takeout, or you can even go in the restaurant to get your food.  You just can’t eat it inside.

Does this make a bit of sense?


Why not?

Well, there is still interaction with the public.  The same people that come there to dine in, come in for takeout food too.

So what if the people at the restaurant have the virus?  How are you actually keeping them from spreading it?  The same goes for those coming in to purchase food?

No one is shutting down shopping centers, are they?  People congregate there too.

No, this is not about the coronavirus at all, and it’s not even logic at play here.

Furthermore, with President Trump being 73-years-old, doesn’t that make him a person that is more susceptible to death should he contract the virus?

Yes, it does, but notice the disconnect.

Dr. Brix, in speaking for the for-profit corporation known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, also let it slip out that they wanted a “high quality test based on our commercial vendors,” not based on the safety and health of the people.

Again, this is due to the fact that the USA has been incorporated and as such, it needs to generate a profit.

Money and control are what this is all about, not governing and not upholding justice.

You’ll notice the terms used by Dr. Brix like “sustainability,” which should tip you off as to where the agenda is coming from and she also talks about the government being needed to take care of the “needs of the people.”

Seriously, if you simply slow down and take a moment to go through her little propaganda speech, and that is what it is, you should be able to back up and think logically about what is going on here and around the world.

Let me be straight with you:  This is not about coronavirus.  It’s about something else, and no, it’s not about Q prophecies.

Brian at High Impact Flix has a great analysis of this video, and since time is short today due to getting other information that I want to get out, I’m going to let Brian go through all of this for you.

And I love how Brian points out the tyranny of these people when it comes to Big Pharma and others for whom they are in the back pockets.

Be sure to like and subscribe to his channel, and we are looking to bring him on the The Sons of Liberty – YouTube also.

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