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Trump Authorizes Defense Production Act – Should There Be Concern?

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Published on: March 18, 2020

Nearly two weeks ago, I reminded people that the Federal Emergency Management Agency continues to exist, and so do their camps… and so do the unconstitutional executive orders that presidents have put in place for major power grabs… and so does unconstitutional legislation that empowers the president as a dictator.  Those did not go away with the usurper, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.  They remain in place, and on Wednesday, President Donald Trump said he would be invoking the Defense Production Act to respond to the hysteria of the coronavirus, something he once told us wasn’t that big of a deal but now has an entire task force assigned to it with the federal government, once again, acting outside of its scope of authority.

“Right after we finish this conference, I’ll be signing it and it’s prepared to go,” Trump said.

The Hill reports:

President Trump announced Wednesday that he will invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA), which would allow the administration to force American industry to manufacture medical supplies that are in short supply in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

Hospitals, health workers and state and local officials have said they are quickly running out of personal protective equipment (PPE), like masks, gowns and gloves, that are crucial to keeping doctors and nurses on the front lines of the pandemic safe.

“There’s never been an instance like this where no matter what you have it’s not enough,” Trump said at a White House briefing with reporters. 

“If we need to use it, we’ll be using it at full speed ahead,” he said.

Hospitals are also sounding the alarm on the lack of ventilators, or breathing machines, that are expected to be in high demand as the coronavirus spreads in the coming weeks and months. 

Democrats in Congress, hearing about shortages of supplies from hospitals in their states and districts, have urged Trump to invoke the DPA to direct the domestic production of necessary medical equipment. 

“This would ensure we have the materials we need at the ready, rather than wait for disruptions in the global supply chain to subside,” 57 House Democrats wrote in a letter to Trump last week. 

And you guys still think the Democrats want him out of office…

Moving on.

There is then this from CNN:

The major US lab industry group has also raised concerns with federal agencies over the past week about potential shortages of supplies, including N95 face masks and hand sanitizer.

CNN reported last month that the Trump administration was considering using the 1950 wartime law to expand the production of masks and protective gear to prevent the spread of the virus.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the Defense Department will make available up to 5 million N95 masks and other personal protective equipment from US strategic reserves.

“The first 1 million masks will be available immediately,” he said.

He also said they are also prepared to distribute “up to 2,000 operational deployable ventilators for use as needed” the Department of Health and Human Services.

So the DoD has been hoarding millions of masks while Trump’s Surgeon General says they are not effective at stopping the coronavirus, but if the public buys them up then they are putting society at risk?

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!

Now, understand what the Defense Production Act does.

It allows him to force American businesses to produce materials for “national defense.”

That’s pretty close to fascism, isn’t it?  It certainly isn’t an issue of freedom.

Yet, this is about a health issue, or so we are told, and that it will only be about producing ventilators, masks and other medical supplies for healthcare workers.

Trump said the act allows him to do “a lot of good things, if we need it.”

“It can do a lot of good things, if we need it, and we will have it all completed, signing it in just a little while,” the president told reporters during a Wednesday press conference. “We have targets for certain pieces of equipment. We have targets for masks. … We need respirators. We need ventilators.”Notice the other political team supporting this move even though they acknowledge it was meant for war.

“It’s used in times of war, but we must mobilize as if it were a time of war when it comes to hospital beds, supplies and equipment,” Senator Schumer said Wednesday morning on the Senate floor.

Trump has indicated that he is a “wartime president” and on top of calling the media the “enemy of the people,” which the corporate-controlled media is, he has added that the coronavirus is the “enemy.”

Here’s what I want everyone to consider:  Each of the sources I cited above is the very media that has “attacked” him all along, which he called the “enemy of the people.”  Senator Schumer has attacked him incessantly.

Yet, when it comes to something that merely weeks ago, Trump said was basically nothing more than the flu, he is on board and they are all on board with him.

Stop and ask yourself why?  But before you do, take a look at the irrational comments and actions of his taskforce doctor here.

The DPA has been enacted by Trump before.

In 2017, he enacted it “to rectify a shortfall in the space industrial base” and said, “The Department of Defense will take actions to target critical technology item shortfalls affecting aerospace structures and fibers, radiation hardened microelectronics, radiation test and qualification facilities, and satellite components and assemblies.”

He also invoked it in 2019 as well.  Trump ordered the Pentagon to increase the production of rare-earth magnets used in electronics because he was concerned China would restrict exports of those materials.

According to President Trump, having enough magnets in American hands was “essential to the national defense.”

We’ll see what happens from here.

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