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The Corrupted Means Of Gun Control Will Inevitably Corrupt The Ends

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Published on: December 8, 2019

Last week, the nation witnessed two prime examples of the absolute failures of gun control. Florida has been bragging about the success of their red flag gun laws which enable authorities to deny gun owners any rights to due process if they have been identified as being “a threat to themselves or others.” Under many of the red flag laws appearing across the nation, a simple allegation from a neighbor, coworker, or family member is all it takes to have your guns confiscated. It is then up to the accused to prove in a court of law, that they are not dangerous and have no intention of causing any harm with their firearms. Red flag gun laws have been passed in fifteen states since President Trump expressed his support for them. It was the green light signaling it was ok to confiscate guns.

The truth is that Florida’s red flag laws are an abysmal failure, as is all gun control.

Since their passage in 2018, red flag laws have been used to confiscate guns from over seventeen hundred people.

The problem is that they have no way of knowing whether these people posed any real danger to society.

In the meantime, murderers are still committing murder.

For example, just over a month ago a seventeen-year-old boy was shot and killed by a suspect who is still unidentified and on the loose.

There isn’t a gun control law that would have prevented that.

Red flag laws, as is the case with all gun control, only affects the law-abiding.

On Thursday, December fifth, a high-speed chase ended in Miramar with a shoot out between Florida law enforcement and two armed robbers. The suspects were both convicted felons who were imprisoned on multiple armed robbery charges and released in 2017. They were in possession of two handguns.

Why are dangerous criminals being released from prison while innocent people are having their guns unconstitutionally confiscated on mere speculation? That is a question no one is asking.

On Friday, December sixth, a foreign national and member of the Saudi Arabian military opened fire on a U.S. Navy installation in Florida, killing three and wounding seven others.

How did a member of a foreign military obtain a handgun?

Isn’t it against the law for foreigners to possess firearms in the United States?

We do know that the Democrats refused to add any provisions to existing gun control legislation that would notify ICE of any foreigners attempting to buy firearms.

Thankfully, that did not become law but maybe they felt sorry for him and helped him out.

It must be difficult to get flight training in such a white privileged, oppressive nation like America.

Red flag laws are not about public safety. They are a convenient excuse to confiscate firearms from everyday people. The real intentions of gun grabbers are becoming clearer as more states are attempting to pass laws which can only be described as absolute tyranny.

Virginia is one example where they are attempting to make felons out of anyone that has anything to do with second amendment activities.

In New York, they are attempting to pass a law that would allow tyrants to deny gun purchases based on bias in social media posts.

If they were really concerned about public safety, felons convicted multiple times of armed robbery would not be released from prison so easily.

It is also abundantly clear that they intend to confiscate guns from people who they deem to be unaligned with their political objectives.

Passing more gun control laws will do nothing to save lives because those seeking to pass them are not being honest about their intentions. They lie and hide their true objectives by claiming that they support the second amendment and are only seeking common sense laws. They know that what they are proposing will have no affect on criminals yet, they are willing to pass them anyway because it is about control, not safety. They have objectives and an armed population is an obstacle. They have no morals or principles, they are only driven by their agenda.

Alinsky writes on the morality of means and ends in Rules for Radicals. He mocks those that believe in traditional Christian morality by saying that corrupted means do not corrupt the ends and that believing in such a concept or being unwilling to corrupt yourself means you do not care about society.

In action, one does not always enjoy the luxury of a decision that is consistent both with one’s individual conscience and the good of mankind. The choice must always be for the latter. Action is for mass salvation and not for the individual’s personal salvation. He who sacrifices the mass good for his personal conscience has a peculiar conception of personal salvation; he doesn’t care enough for the people to be corrupted for them (Alinsky, 1971).

This is the mentality that we are dealing with. They know they are lying; they know their laws will not stop violent crime, they just don’t care because they believe they know what is best for us. They believe that they are creating a more just and equal society and that is their moral high ground. Whatever they must do to achieve it is fair game because they have convinced themselves of their own greatness. If they must lie and endure the failures of gun control until the one perfect law that fixes everything comes to fruition, they will.

The problem is that it will never come.

Things will only get worse, and no matter how many gun laws they pass murderers will still murder, even if it isn’t with a gun.

This is because corrupted means will inevitably corrupt the ends.

How could they not?

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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