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The COVID-19 Power Grabbers Are Cooking The Books & Burning The People

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Published on: May 8, 2020

In my previous article, Make America Honest Again! I explained how our country needs to become honest and demand honesty from our government, and the government employees. Our thought processes have been polluted for a long time. Many people have been under the false impression that our government needs to lie and deceive, so they can protect us. 

As Christians, we should know that evil does not produce good. Yes, God can make good come from evil, but that is God. We cannot justify evil, just because God can clean up evil’s mess. If Americans think they can allow their government to be evil just because God can bring good from evil, they need to get their Bibles out and start thinking. 

When I say, the COVID-19 Power Grabbers are Cooking the Books, I am referring to the admission that the death numbers, claimed from COVID-19, are in reality deaths of people who died with COVID-19, not from COVID-19. What that tells you is, counting someone with stage-4 lung cancer as a COVID-19 death, just because they also had COVID-19, shows dishonesty in the system. We need to stop the dishonesty. 

Dishonest numbers are worse than no numbers. You are being manipulated if you continue to listen to the fake numbers. They desensitize you from the truth. I turn the radio off every time the COVID-19 briefing comes on. I know there are many people who like President Trump. I realize there are many people that hate President Trump. However, we are all going to suffer from the COVID-19 economic destruction. Even if I do better than others, their suffering will affect my life. We all have a duty to help each other. 

A major obstacle is going to be in helping the deceived. If they remain deceived they are hurting themselves. It is difficult to fix damage if you do not stop causing the damage. The fake numbers are causing damage. Our only solution for now is to believe no one. Yes, people like Doctor Jensen are likely honest. However, I think his point of exposing the rigging of death certificates, is so that we realize the need for skepticism. Click here, if you want to read my previous articles on that subject. 

They do not deliberately make the COVID-19 death numbers high without it serving a purpose. They know people would not accept the lockdown without high death numbers. Even with the phony numbers people are not accepting the lockdown. We should not accept the lockdown. Deception is deception, I do not care if a Republican did it or a Democrat did it. The damage is the same. 

A government that cannot be believed is a dangerous government. Anyone who claims we should believe deception out of necessity is a fool. That will just make things worse. You can believe your parachute will open, but if the person that packed the parachute is deceiving you, you will die. You do not believe them just because they had the authority to pack parachutes. You take the responsibility to protect yourself, and make sure it was done right. 

That is the first thing we need to do to start recovering from COVID-19 economic destruction, is responsibility. We need take the responsibility to reject deception and demand honesty. Without this we will fail. Without this we will suffer, and we will deserve to. America has been allowing dishonesty for too long. We are paying the price for it now. If we allow this to continue, we will get what we deserve. 

If you let them destroy your business based on deception, you destroyed your business. They may have started the deception, but you, allowed it to continue. If you let them destroy your employer’s business based on deception, you destroyed your employer’s business. They may have started the deception, but you, allowed it to continue. 

Deception is very damaging. America has been allowing it for so long people no longer see the harm in it. Even now, many people do not care that the death numbers, claimed from COVID-19, are in reality deaths of people who died with COVID-19. Ask yourself, how many things in your life would cause problems if they were based on fraudulent numbers? If you used faulty data in your checking account you would have problems. The government is no different. It is just harder to connect the damage. 

Our government locked down the country based on fraudulent numbers. The death numbers, claimed from COVID-19, are in reality deaths of people who died with COVID-19, not from COVID-19. The government violated people’s civil rights based on a lie. The government put the country in debt an additional 2.2 trillion dollars using fraudulent numbers. 

One thing is for certain, no one should be telling us what they are going to make us do before they stop the lockdown. Those people need to be removed from office and put in jail. The disruption in the food supply is going to cause suffering. The sooner we bring back honesty to our public policy the sooner we can start fixing the problems. 

You need to be part of this. Make America Honest again.

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