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The Environmental Boondoggle Of Washington State’s Snake River Dams

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Published on: December 23, 2019

Washington state’s Southern Resident Orca Task Force is recommending the state tear down all of its Snake River hydroelectric dams and has already cost tax payers $750,000 in a study, gathering perspectives on removing the 4 dams. These dams are Lower Monumental Dam, Little Goose Dam, Lower Granite Dam, and Ice Harbor Dam.

Supposedly, this is meant to increase the population of natural salmon and benefit orca whales who feed on them.

The study itself is bogus since it states that orca whales would benefit from an increase in salmon.

The fact is that the orcas eat what fish they do in the ocean before they swim up river.  Very few of them make it back to the sea after spawning.

The only problem here is the massive increase in the cost of electricity in Washington and surrounding states from the combined loss of some 4000 megawatts of electricity these dams produce.

Of course, environmentalists say the loss can be replaced with renewable sources such as wind and solar.

However, with the almost inert production rate of power from these two sources, this would be virtually impossible.

So, what millions would be left with is outrageously high electricity bills.

The fact is that the entire Pacific Northwest cannot afford to lose the amount of power that is generated from these dams.

During periods of high electricity usage, such as hot days where everyone is using air conditioners, citizens would face blackouts over most of the region for extended periods of time.

Since the dams generate electricity for other states in the area as well, it isn’t just a Washington state’s decision to make.

States such as Oregon, Idaho, and parts of extreme, northern California should be included in any discussion on the fate of these dams in light of the adverse effects that tearing them down will have.

As it is, the government of Washington state has already wasted over a million dollars in the SROTF study itself and the costs of government officials discussing it.

This will pale in comparison to the revenue lost from the electricity itself, not to mention the downward spiral in the state’s economy from lost jobs and inflation.

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