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The Establishment Is Trying To Replace Boogeyman Trump With Joe Rogan & It’s Making Them Obsolete

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Published on: February 3, 2022

When Donald Trump was elected to the office of president in 2016 it was a mainstream media frenzy. From Russiagate to his vitriolic tweets calling for the wholesale execution of people for misdemeanor crimes, orange man bad gave the established media endless divisive content. MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media devoted countless hours to Trump coverage and subsequently saw their ratings skyrocket. Before there was burnout, it was a media heyday.

Trump could set the media off on any given day, even for utterly asinine reasons. Highlighting the sheer lunacy of his coverage, when Trump tweeted the “covfefe” typo, the mainstream media picked up the Tweet and began shoving it down the collective throats of Americans, literally instantly. CNN, the NY Times, WaPo, USA Today, the Telegraph, the Guardian, NPR, and virtually every other mainstream media outlet in the world jumped on the bandwagon of non-news covfefe fluff and filled the airways with this inane blither.

For years, Americans were bombarded with nonsense Russiagate conspiracy theories, most of which all turned out to be false. All the while, the media at large ignored Trump’s actual criminal behavior like when he called for the removal of due process to disarm Americans.

Only when Trump acted in the benefit of the military industrial complex did the mainstream media show him any positive coverage — converging in unison to offer their praises for bombing sovereign countries and exploding children with drone missiles.

Most of the time however, he was the darling of the mainstream’s divisive and hate-filled coverage — he was their boogeyman. As the Shorenstein Center points out, Trump dominated media coverage, with Trump being the topic of 41 percent of all news stories—three times the amount of coverage received by previous presidents.

When he lost the election, the coverage didn’t stop as he duped the media into covering him once more, this time claiming that the election had been stolen from him. Thanks to the MAGA folks on January 6 who breeched the US Capitol, mainstream media outlets had material for most of 2021 to continue to report.

Even after the election, Trump was the center of the mainstream media’s constant propaganda…. Until one day, he wasn’t.

After the anniversary of January 6 last month — when the current administration embarrassed itself by comparing 1/6 with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor — Trump began to die out in the mainstream media’s coverage. Their incessant infatuation over Trump had reached its twilight… at least for now.

Because the mainstream media has to keep you tuned in with a boogeyman however, they created a new one. As they had been lying about him for months, claiming he’d been taking horse paste — the media had been grooming you to hate Joe Rogan — and thus he became their next target of hatred.

After all, if they don’t keep you distracted with irrelevant vacuous nonsense, you might start caring about financing an empire abroad and a police state at home.

Unlike Trump, however, Rogan is a down to earth, genuine guy who doesn’t seek power over others to carry out their sociopathic desires. This makes him a far harder target to demonize and every attempt made by the establishment to do so, ends in sheer failure.

For the last two weeks, the mainstream media and even the US government have openly waged war against the man who gets high on a podcast, talks about aliens, and has genuine conversations with interesting people. That is all.

Not surprisingly, the loudest calls for censoring Rogan come from the folks who have been spreading falsehoods since the beginning. And, the louder they scream to censor Rogan, the more they expose themselves.

Audaciously enough the NY Times ran a hit piece on Rogan this week, demanding that Spotify censor him, calling him a “disinformation machine” who puts “our health at risk” with his show.

But has Rogan actually put anyone’s health at risk over the years? Remember, the same machine also claimed that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden put countless lives at risk as well. But they were lying.

The fact is that these censorship fanatics would be hard pressed to prove their slanderous claims. What’s more, those calling for his censorship, actually have put people’s health at risk, and a lot of them.

Was it Joe Rogan who acted as cheerleaders for the state as it beat the war drums for invading Iraq and every war since? Was it Joe Rogan who claimed — without any evidence in favor of, and tons of evidence proving otherwise — that there were “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”? No, it was not.

It was the NY Times, the Washington Post, and other corporate media dinosaurs who are quick to point the finger at others whilst ignoring the fact that their news reports helped to facilitate the suffering and deaths of millions.

Certainly there are some of these folks who think that Rogan may be a threat but the overwhelming majority of them are jumping on the hate Rogan bandwagon because it allows them to signal to their other pro-censorship friends that they are virtuous. It’s also a last stitch effort to breathe life back into the dying carcass that is their establishment pulpit.

As Glenn Greenwald points out, “The way so many smug media figures are uniting in condescending denunciation of Joe Rogan serves the same purpose as when they do it toward Trump: it’s to whitewashes all the radical flaws in establishment journalism by letting them scorn someone to whom they all feel superior.”

The audacity of these media outlets going after Rogan is stunning given their atrocious track records of and lies over just the last two years.

These people have blatantly lied to the public effectively leading the United States into conflicts which have caused the suffering and death of millions of people. Their lies have helped swing elections, stoke a divide in the country like never before, and done more to attack free speech than any dictator could have ever wished to do — and they want you to hate and subsequently silence Joe Rogan.

Rogan is wrong on many issues but at least he is open and honest about what he says. Not a single mainstream outlet can make that same claim. So you need to ask yourself who the real enemy is.

Is the enemy the guy who talks about UFO sightings, DMT, and getting yourself healthy? Or, is it the shady corporate monopoly who led us into decades of war and, who over the last four years has pushed for and helped to achieve the largest online censorship campaign in human history, while simultaneously shilling for big pharma and the police state?

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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