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The Fraud That Is The Vaccine Industry: Making People Unhealthy For 225 Years… & Longer

Back in January 2020, I interviewed Stephen Hallbrook from  Stephen revealed the dark side of vaccines and why you should be an informed person when it comes to the deceptions of Big Pharma, and he also showed the pagan background for vaccines.  However, vaccines really have never been proven to be either safe or effective and they haven’t been tested with each other to see how they might effect each other in the body, which is why it is completely insane to be giving dozens of these to children to go to the indoctrination centers called public schools.  It’s all a hoax and a fraud just like Revelation 18:23 tells us.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has the story of how the vaccine industry has been making people unhealthy for the past 225 years.

In a recent interview, Dr. Suzanne Humphries discussed the recent update to her classic book, ‘Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History’, published in 2013. ‘Dissolving Illusions’ is one of my favourite books on vaccines, so I was honoured to write the foreword for this 10th anniversary edition.

You can watch the interview titled ‘Dissolving Illusions About Vaccine Safety, Interview with Suzanne Humphries’ on BitChute HERE. We have attached the transcript of Mercola’s interview with Dr. Humphries below.

Dissolving the Carefully Fabricated Illusion of Vaccine Safety Transcript by Tim Brown on Scribd

The ‘Safe and Effective’ Narrative Is a Carefully Fabricated Illusion

The word, “illusion,” is apt because the vaccine industry really is all about promoting illusions. They intentionally deceive us about the risks and benefits of vaccines in order to make a profit, with complete disregard for human suffering.

“What I’ve learned over 15 years of really immersing myself in this is that it’s the same old story over and over and over again,” Humphries says. “Sometimes people ask me, ‘What is the driver? Why do they do this?’ My answer is that I cannot completely answer why. Yes, certainly, there’s greed involved, especially today, but I think there’s probably some more sinister operations at play.”

Malicious Acts

In the interview, Humphries recounts the impetus behind the book. She first became aware that vaccines might be problematic when she was working as a nephrologist in northern Maine.

After a three-years-long struggle with the hospital administration, who refused to listen to any of her concerns, she finally got out, paid off her student loans and moved into a pop-up camper on a friend’s farm in Virginia, where she wrote the first edition of ‘Dissolving Illusions’, together with Roman Bystrianyk, who had been researching the history of disease and vaccines since 1998.

She spent the next seven years giving lectures around the world and got her fair share of death threats. The brake line on her car was sabotaged, someone shot a crossbow arrow into the ground in front of her front door, and an obvious nut job detailed how he intended to torture and kill her in horrible ways. All for speaking out about the hazards of vaccines and the lies that keep the vaccine industry going.

“I think it’s because when you’re someone that has credibility – I was considered a top doctor in Maine, as a nephrologist – and comes out saying what I was saying, it is a big threat. It’s not necessarily that I was some important person, but it was where I came from,” she says.

CDC Has Been Hiding Vaccine Injuries for Years

Humphries also recounts how the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) has been hiding vaccine injuries by deleting reports filed.

What’s in the ‘Dissolving Illusions’ Update?

One of the silver linings of the covid mass injection campaign is that it has awakened many to the notion that vaccines aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. The covid injections are so toxic, even though the injuries are being swept under the carpet like never before, there are just so many of them that the carnage cannot be hidden. And, because government and health authorities refuse to acknowledge the problem, many are now questioning all vaccines, not just the covid injection.

“It’s a dark night of the soul when you wake up to it,” Humphries says. “Your whole world does get a bit shattered because you start to realise that the entire medical system is corrupt and backwards and that there’s probably better ways to do just about everything.”

The Polio Illusion

Based on the available science, Humphries is convinced that one of the reasons the polio vaccine doesn’t work is because polio isn’t caused by an infectious virus. It’s caused by toxins. Poliovirus is a commensal virus that is completely harmless in the absence of toxic onslaught.

“We have to distinguish poliovirus from poliomyelitis,” Humphries explains. “Poliomyelitis is when there’s damage to a certain part of the spinal cord or the brain stem in the grey matter and causes paralysis in one or more muscle groups. It can cause paralysis to nerves that supply the diaphragm, which is why the iron lung was brought in.”

Are Viruses Real?

By now, you’ve probably heard the theory that there are no viruses, period. That the entire field of virology is a hoax, and that what we perceive as viruses are merely a type of cellular debris being shed when your body is trying to detox. Having delved deep into the science of infectious disease, Humphries disagrees with this theory. Viruses do exist. The question is whether they’re as dangerous as they’re made out to be. Humphries comments:

Changing Definitions Is Part of the Illusion

The changing of definitions is part of the vaccine industry’s playbook. They had to do the same for the covid pandemic. Not only was the definition of “pandemic” changed, but also the definition of a “vaccine,” to allow for the use of experimental modified RNA gene therapy.

“They did the same thing they did with the Salk vaccine,” Humphries says. “See, history just repeats itself. So, the first vaccine that came out, the Salk vaccine, had merthiolate [thimerosal], a mercury compound, in it to kill off unwanteds, but Salk wasn’t happy with the field trials – the results of the antibody response from those children – so they took the merthiolate out.”

Another part of the fraud is using another vaccine as the control in lieu of a true placebo. You simply cannot prove a vaccine is safe by comparing it to another, most likely unsafe, vaccine.

Yet that’s how it’s done. By using a toxic “control,” many of the adverse effects are automatically hidden as people in the control group end up suffering similar adverse events, and at a similar rate. This tactic was used in some of the covid injection trials as well.

Why You Don’t Need a Tetanus Vaccine

According to Humphries, there are no worthwhile vaccines, not even smallpox or tetanus, and certainly not the polio vaccine. She’s treated several cases of tetanus in the last five years, including in at least one fully vaccinated person, using high-dose intravenous vitamin C and other essential nutrients.

One of the reasons why this works is because tetanus is not a viral disease. It’s a bacterial disease caused by the Clostridium tetani bacterium, an obligate anaerobe. It can reside in soils, but it can also reside in your intestine where there’s no oxygen.

Oxygen is toxic to it. If you expose that organism to oxygen, as you do with vitamin C (because the metabolite of vitamin C is hydrogen peroxide), it’s instantaneously killed. Ozone therapy would likely be even more effective, for this reason.

So, if you get tetanus from a wound, the last thing you need is a tetanus injection or tetanus antibodies. All you need to do is apply ozone to the wound. It’ll instantly destroy the bacteria. Applying hydrogen peroxide would also work. As explained by Humphries, vitamin C is also a neutraliser of toxins, which is another reason it works.

Tetanus is a spore, and it transforms under anaerobic conditions into a toxin-producing organism. If you can neutralise the toxin and kill the microbe, then you’ve won the battle. One hundred per cent, we’ve won the battle. Humphries comments:

More Information

What people have to realise is that the schemes used to push the covid injections are nothing new. “It’s pretty much exactly the same as it’s been for 225 years, where the recipients are not the beneficiaries of this technology and humanity is not getting healthier by any means as a result of it,” Humphries says.

To truly understand the vaccine industry’s modus operandi, be sure to pick up Humphries’ ‘Dissolving Illusions’ 10th anniversary edition. It’s coming out in two forms: a standard hard copy and a special coffee table edition. The standard hard copy has been translated into 10 languages, with more coming. Kindle and audiobook formats are also available.

Also consider picking up a copy of ‘The Dissolving Illusion’s Companion’ book, which features the quotes of hundreds of doctors, stories of vaccination tragedies, the timeline of vaccines, rare documents that have been scrubbed off the internet, a recommended reading list and much more. For more details and free sample chapters, see In closing, Humphries comments:

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a Christian and lover of liberty, a husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows" and jack of all trades. He lives in the US-Occupied State of South Carolina, is the Editor at, and and; and also broadcasts on The Sons of Liberty radio weekdays at 6am EST and Saturdays at 8am EST. Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, and USALife.

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