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The Fruit Of Trump’s USMCA: White House Issued “Declaration Of North America” (DNA)

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Published on: January 16, 2023

We have covered so much on the United States Mexico Canada Agreement that we literally have a plethora of evidence that it was bad for the US.  Yet, President Donald Trump sold it to people are the best thing ever and definitely better than NAFTA.  However, it was anything but that.  In fact, it was NAFTA plus 10%, according to The Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas and 57% of the USMCA was the Trans-Pacific Partnership that Trump shut down.  So, he ended up selling US national sovereignty out in a new marketing scheme, which has been the plan all along.

Keep in mind what the entire impeachment of Trump was about:�� Keeping USMCA off the front page.

The purpose of the USMCA had nothing to with bringing jobs to America.  In fact, it produced less than 200,000 on paper!  It was, however, the integral piece the CFR wanted in creating a region to control, and there will be others that follow.

In a statement by the White House on January 10, 2023, there was a Declaration of North America (DNA) made.

“Today, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President Joseph R. Biden, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Mexico City for the 10th North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS),” read the statement.  “The leaders are determined to fortify our region’s security, prosperity, sustainability and inclusiveness through commitments across six pillars: 1) diversity, equity, and inclusion; 2) climate change and the environment; 3) competitiveness; 4) migration and development; 5) health; and 6) regional security.”

It continued, “North America shares a unique history and culture that emphasizes innovation, equitable development, and mutually beneficial trade to create inclusive economic opportunities for the benefit of our people. We are not just neighbors and partners. Our people share bonds of family and friendship and value – above all else – freedom, justice, human rights, equality, and democracy. This is the North American DNA.”

Of course, the “value” they speak of has nothing to do with the values expressed early on in these united States and their first pillar proves this.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion is foundational to the strength, vibrancy, and resilience of our countries,” the statement reads.  “We focus on providing marginalized communities opportunities for their full, equal, and meaningful participation in our democracies and economies. To advance these objectives, President López Obrador, President Biden, and Prime Minister Trudeau reiterated their joint commitment to protect civil rights, promote racial justice, expand protections for LGBTQI+ individuals and deliver more equitable outcomes to all.

Actually, sodomy is a crime in every state of the Union.  It has been since before the Union existed and was harshly dealt with by those who came before us.

They are going to push for the climate change hoax, along with carbon taxing and a variety of the United Nations’ wicked agenda.

They will also seek to push the costly and inefficient electric vehicle industry that largely uses child slave labor to create their batteries.

And we’ll see even more of an influx of migrants from Mexico and Canada in the US, but I’ll doubt you see it occur the other way.

They all will be on the same World Health Organization & United Nations’ health page as well.  Look for those vaccine passports to be implemented.

Oh, and regional security.  They are getting everyone ready to intermingle armies against the populace.  Make no mistake about it.

The Declaration closes, “The commitments made during this summit are rooted in a shared vision for a more equitable, just, inclusive, resilient, secure, and prosperous North America and a shared responsibility to achieve more equitable outcomes responsive to the needs and aspirations of our citizens. As we work to implement these commitments in the upcoming year, we seek to model a democratic and sustainable path based on trust to promote inclusive prosperity and security.”

This is not for the good of the people of either of these countries.  It is only good for those who seek to control and rule over us.  Make no mistake about that as they move forward.  It’s time to reignite the local militias and the grand juries to bring the criminals in our government to justice and end this globalism occurring on our own soil.

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