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False Flag? Does This Video Footage Indicate NY Subway Shooting Was Not What It Was Reported To Be?

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Published on: April 13, 2022

Just like the cameras not working around the most notorious pedophile in the world at the time, Jeffrey Epstein, allowing for the manufactured story of a “suicide,” it appears none of the cameras were working in the subway in New York in what is said to be a “brutal shooting” in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Sunset Park.  However, at least one person in the car beside the car that the alleged shooting took place in captured some of the aftermath and the video seems to indicate much of it was staged.

Take a look and notice the following:

  1. The camera person is in the next car but somehow is recording video of an event in the car behind.
  2. The person in the red hoodie actually stops two people for a photo op while behind them the fake blood guy lays down.
  3. A lady in a red jacket appears to be putting fake blood on the ground.

Don’t put it past the government to set this up and more than likely, the FBI’s fingerprints will be all over this.  After all, they’ve done it before, and with the Biden administration running roughshod over the Constitution to implement more gun confiscation, you can be sure this will be the next round of the marketing of evil of the enemies of the state to advance more gun prohibition.

Here’s just a few reminders of false flag attacks to push agendas.


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