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The Greater Danger!

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Published on: April 17, 2020

I want to point out at the start of this article, that even though we are in great danger, it is not a reason to get depressed and give up hope. It is a reason to get busy and do what is necessary to illuminate the threat. Once the threat is gone we are safe. However, left unresolved, threats can grow into even greater problems.

In my last article: Did you know you have been drafted?, I used an example worth repeating:

“I will leave you with one last thought. Obsessing over one part of the problem, such as one person out of 330 people losing their life, is dangerous. It reminds me of the Airliner that put the landing gear down. The indicator light did not come on, the indicator light that told if the landing gear was down. The flight crew became ultra-focused on the problem until they crashed the Airliner and killed everyone on board. After the crash investigation, it was discovered that the indicator light bulb was burnt out, and the landing gear was indeed down. The crew was so busy obsessing over the indicator light not coming on, that they crashed when they could have landed. The crew was wrong, dead wrong. Think about that as you continue to let people think for you.”  

I repeat this example because it is a good example of why the COVID-19 situation has become more dangerous from the government and media’s bad reaction, than the actual health threat. Where I learned about that example is also important to understand the situation. The first time I heard about the failing indicator light causing a crash was at a safety briefing in the military. As an Aircrew member, I was supposed to learn from their mistake, in hopes of avoiding a mistake myself, and I did learn from them. Throughout life, I have remembered to not let a smaller problem cause a bigger problem. The second time I heard about the example was at a medical conference. The medical professional lecturing us was using the example to explain how we needed to learn from it, to avoid medical errors. What people rarely think about is Doctors make mistakes. We all make mistakes. From the most brilliant surgeons, all the way down to the Emergency Medical Technicians trying to keep people alive so the Doctors can help them, we all have not achieved perfection. I would assume everyone reading this has not achieved perfection.

The purpose of the example was so we can plan for our mistakes, and make sure they do not cause harm when they happen. Using checklists in the airplane helps this, so in the Ambulance maybe a checklist can be helpful. The point is trying to protect against the potential for errors. Ask yourself, do the government and media act like they care if they are wrong? Does forcing everyone to agree with their reaction to COVID-19 prevent mistakes, or make mistakes more dangerous?

All you people, who are too busy to protest the government’s handling of COVID-19, remember the flight crew was too busy with their minor problem until they were too dead to have time for the big problem.

When people in power become dangerous they need to be removed from power, not given more power. Turning the country into a prison is not how to protect the sick and vulnerable. We need Doctors to be Doctors, not Doctors to be Jailers. Bill Gates is doing a horrible amount of damage as well. Bill’s forcing his vaccines on people, without Bill’s victim’s consent, is what rapists do. The minute Doctors use force, without consent, is when they become rapists, not Doctors. I will treat myself at home, and stop going to doctors, if they ever agree to forced treatments, mandated by the government.

Ask yourself, when you get a cold or the flu, what do you really need. Very few people need a doctor. Even fewer need some government worker telling them what to do. What you really need is your immune system to go to work, so you will heal, so you can go to work. What is going on now? In the name of fighting COVID-19, the government wants to track everyone, force them to stay home, all in the name of fighting illness. The government is forcing you to use your sick leave before you are sick. If that does not convince you the government should not be allowed too much power, what will? When I knew I was going to have surgery I worked overtime to stock up extra money for while I was recovering. Here the government destroyed the economy before anyone got sick. In my county, it took a month before one person got COVID-19. The government destroyed numerous small businesses to prepare for one person’s illness, and now only two people have COVID-19.

What about President Trump’s Forgotten Man? Remember campaign season? Trump promised the Forgotten Man, “Help is on the way.” Well, I have not met one person who has received the business relief money. I have talked to many business people, who told me they did tortuous amounts of paperwork, only to be told, “too bad, so sad.”  No Chump Change from President Chump. You have to go out of business because Chump hired fools to advise him.

I remember a businessman calling a radio show and telling the host how he was agonizing over what would happen to his 200 employees. It was so sad to listen to. The host was a jerk. He kept saying everything would be fine because of the $2.2 trillion in aid. The radio host was lost to how nasty he sounded to the business man. Joe went on with his radio show and the business person continues to be the Forgotten Man. No Chump Change from President Chump. Wall-street wins you lose. Only government would give you $1,200.00, which gives you a debt of $60,000.00 and expect you to thank them for sticking it to you, for the benefit or their friends.

If you want to know what happened with COVID-19 and the government’s response, here is an example. You had a sore toe. Doctor Gov found out about it. Doctor Gov said he must help you, or you will die. Doctor Gov came to your house, had a cop hold you down, and chopped your foot off with an axe. Doctor Gov called the big media, and told everyone that he saved you and that he and the cop were heroes. The big media came to use you as propaganda and asked you how you were doing. When you told them that Doctor Gov used his axe to chop off the foot that felt fine, and the sore toe was on the other foot, big media had your FaceBook page shut down and banned you from all social media.

Doctor Gov found out he chopped off the wrong foot, and he is coming back to your house, with the cop and his axe. I forgot to mention, right-wing radio says the cop is innocent because he only enforces Doctor Gov’s will. (I am supposed to say the law, but you decide)

Now big media and Doctor Gov want to make your life even better, and continue to be heroes, when are you going to say no?

I realize you grew up in Doctor Gov’s school, and his people taught you how to think. I also realize that the most important thing to you is if Doctor Gov says he is a Democrat or a Republican. However, you can only survive a certain amount of damage. At some point, you must make Doctor Gov stop hurting people. I cannot make you tell your politician to stop this madness, but old Doctor Gov he will surely make you wish you had. Maybe you should rethink this blind obedience thing.

They just reported on the radio, that Doctor Gov will start allowing you to go back to your normal life, under certain conditions. If you continue to allow Doctor Gov to make any decisions for you, you will have gotten what you deserve.

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