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The International Banking Cartel Cult’s MO: How They Rob Us Of Real Wealth (Video)

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Published on: July 2, 2020

The international banking cartel has been robbing people blind since they began with the centralized banking system.  However, not many like to talk about just how they end up so wealthy and owning everything others have worked for.

David Icke mention this method of operation by “the cult” when he sat down with London Real’s Brian Rose. Icke has an uncanny way of laying out the way they are removing our wealth and property. Icke has been banned from YouTube for speaking up against the powers that shouldn’t be, so this video could be removed by the time you see this.

Basically, the bankers create money that doesn’t exist and loan it to people in exchange for collateral, or real wealth (such as a home, or land, or other physical assets.) If a person cannot repay the money that was created out of thin air, along with interest, the bankers will come in and take the collateral away, confiscating real wealth.

The cult does this by “creating a situation in which they can lend money that doesn’t exist to called ‘credit’ to the population and then charge interest on it, and taking as collateral that which does exist; land, resources, homes, businesses, and if the population doesn’t pay back the credit money that is a figment of the imagination, created out of nothing, basically, then the people issuing the credit, i.e., the banking system owned by the cult, gets your wealth that does exist,” say Icke.

This is an important piece of information to keep in mind.  If you owe money, and that loan is called up, and you cannot repay it, they will lay claim to the collateral that you’ve worked hard for.  All because you cannot come up with enough fake money to give to them. Like I’ve been saying, the system is rigged, and it’s not in our favor. This is the true nature of “the wealth gap” the mainstream media will refuse to talk about.

These same cult bankers are the ones, right now, trying to force the “Great Reset” on the world’s economy in a dominant takeover of literally everything on the planet. Again, this is important information to be aware of. We cannot beat this is we are not aware of what it is we are up against.

So what’s next for humanity? A “frenzy of repossessions,” says Icke. “As the cult, which owns the banking system, sucks up more wealth and resources of the world because of pandemic hoax that crashed the world economy, which the ones that control the banking system were behind.”

It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

Icke was wrong on a point, however. He proposes governments, not central banks, to be in charge of the money. That still leads to the same problems of eventual tyranny. When you give people power, history has shown that they are not benevolent with it. Centralized currency in the hands of another group is not solving the problem, it’s transferring it. If anyone is in charge of the financial supply, there will be tyranny and wealth distribution to those at the top claiming the right to create the money.

In fact, the government already has their version of wealth confiscation in the form of property taxes.  If you don’t pay it, they claim the right to steal your property from you. Again, transferring power is never the solution. Removing power will always be.

The solution is actually more simple: let people dictate which currency they use and remove that power from anyone, especially those who seek it. If people want to use gold, fine. Barter? Great. But transferring who can create the money is simply ludicrous, especially considering all governments are helping the “cult” usher in the New World Order. The truth is, no one owns anyone else and no one has the right to create money out of thin air, government or not. Transferring power is not the solution. Breaking free from these systems designed to enslave us, is the solution.

“The more choices you can make, the freer you are,” Icke says. “The solution is to stop acquiescing to authority,” Icke adds.

Reject the fear in exchange for knowledge.  These people at the top feed off of our fear and will never tell the truth.  They are determined to destroy humanity in their quest to own the world. We are the ones who have to stand up and stop this from happening. This is the reason I have suggested leaving the system.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

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