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The List Of Sell Outs From The US Attending The World Economic Forum In Davos

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Published on: May 23, 2022

The World Economic Forum is an enemy not only of the People of the united States but also of the world.  Yet, even the so-called “good guys” are attending this, promoting the entire “Build Back Better” slogan of the globalists and advancing a tyrannical one world government that usurps the sovereignty of individuals states and countries.

First, take a look at how Build Back Better is being promoted and by whom.

Below is a list of this year’s WEF Conference attendees from the US.  Notice the usual suspects like John Kerry and Al Gore will also be in attendance.

  • Gina Raimondo Secretary of Commerce of USA USA
  • John F. Kerry Special Presidential Envoy for Climate of the United States of America
  • Bill Keating Congressman from Massachusetts (D)
  • Daniel Meuser Congressman from Pennsylvania (R)
  • Madeleine Dean Congresswoman from Pennsylvania (D
  • Ted Lieu Congressman from California (D)
  • Ann Wagner Congresswoman from Missouri (R)
  • Christopher A. Coons Senator from Delaware (D)
  • Darrell Issa Congressman from California (R)
  • Dean Phillips Congressman from Minnesota (D)
  • Debra Fischer Senator from Nebraska (R)
  • Eric Holcomb Governor of Indiana (R)
  • Gregory W. Meeks Congressman from New York (D)
  • John W. Hickenlooper Senator from Colorado (D)
  • Larry Hogan Governor of Maryland (R)
  • Michael McCaul Congressman from Texas (R)
  • Pat Toomey Senator from Pennsylvania (R)
  • Patrick J. Leahy Senator from Vermont (D)
  • Robert Menendez Senator from New Jersey (D)
  • Roger F. Wicker Senator from Mississippi (R)
  • Seth Moulton Congressman from Massachusetts (D)
  • Sheldon Whitehouse Senator from Rhode Island (D)
  • Ted Deutch Congressman from Florida (D)
  • Francis Suarez Mayor of Miami (R)
  • Al Gore Vice-President of the United States (1993-2001) (D)

See?  There is no Republican nor Democrat.  There is only the righteous and lawful, and the lawless.  Be sure those in attendance are out to undermine the US Constitution and US sovereignty.  Though some times with their words they will give lip service, the fact is their actions drown out their words.

And what exactly will be going on?

Here’s the full list of attendees for Davos 2022.

WEF AM22 List of Confirmed PFs by Tim Brown on Scribd

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