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The Media’s New Narrative: Joe Biden Represents The American People When Everything He Ran On Was Un-American!

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Published on: November 9, 2020

“Presidents are selected, not elected.” -President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

First off, I would like to say that there would have been neither a Donald Trump nor a Joe Biden if the people knew of the 1,156 other options given as presidential contenders that the mainstream media blacked-out (Jeremiah 11:9).

Good News: You No Longer Have To Choose Between The Lesser Of Two Evils – There Are Now 1,156 Candidates Running For The Presidency…

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How controlled is the mainstream media’s blackout of America’s information (John 8:44)?

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” -CIA Director William Casey, 1981

Secondly, and for all of you diehard Trumpites, if he was the president that he promised that he would be, then why are we here with a President-elect Joe Biden? Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp (Proverbs 20:8)!

If Trump Would Have Prosecuted Biden For Treason, He Would Not Have Become Your President Elect!

In spite of the fact that everything that Joe Biden ran on was an un-American appeal, the mainstream media has now come in to attempt to push the lies all the way through in hopes of making the lie become the people’s truth that he is America’s answer to the un-American problems (Isaiah 5:20).

For example: The mainstream media would have you believe that Americans want an alleged pedophile as their president (Luke 17:2).

The mainstream media would have you believe that Americans are awaiting forced mandates on masks and vaccination concerning the plandemic (Psalm 94:20).

The mainstream media would have you believe that Americans are in full support of the sodomite agenda (Leviticus 18:22).

The mainstream media would have you believe that Americans want Roe vs. Wade as the law of the land (Proverbs 6:17).

The mainstream media would have you believe that Americans want the Muslim ban lifted (Judges 5:8).

The mainstream media would have you believe that Americans want to be disarmed (1 Samuel 13:22).

This is the message they want all Americans to believe. The truth of the matter is that NO American would want any of this due to the fact that it is un-American!

Also, take note that in every one of these set narratives that they have been introduced by politicians who are working hand in glove with the mainstream media, not the American people (Ephesians 4:14).

Is This What You Say To The People To Become The President Of The United States Of America? Joe Biden Is Saying Everything To Ensure A Donald Trump Victory!

A very important question to ask yourselves is this: Why is there so much voter fraud being exposed today if Joe Biden is America’s choice?

You know, as well as I do, that he was not voted in by the people. How do I know this? Because in the mainstream media’s confusion they accidentally blurted out the truth in telling us so!

How rampant is voter fraud?

Furthermore, and in conclusion, no one was literally showing up to any one of his rallies. So, where did all of this support come from? It is all contrived support in hopes of deceiving the people into taking this country another direction foreign to which it is accustomed (Proverbs 14:12).

Main Stream Media: Joe Biden Leads In The Polls – Yet, No One Shows Up To His Rallies… How Does That Make Sense?

Remember, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton’s supposed support base? Joe Biden’s support is coming from the same place (out of thin air). In other words, it does not exist.

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