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The Modern Provocateurs in Baltimore are Nothing Like The Civil Rights Movement

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Published on: May 2, 2015

There are plenty of people who have rioted in places like Ferguson, New York and Baltimore. Some claim they are continuing the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, The Sons of Liberty Radio host Bradlee Dean exposed that on his show this week.

“We see this administration,” he said. “We see the Attorney General doing everything within their power to create racial divisions in the united States of America because when you divide that’s how you conquer. And that’s exactly what they mean to do.”

Dean went on to warn people to take notice of what is taking place across America because the media is being used to divert the American people’s attention to Baltimore alone.

While the likes of those in the Obama administration, along with Al Sharpton and the rest of the usual suspects in the race wars are right in the middle of the Baltimore riots with their fingerprints all over it, the media failed to identify the leader of the Baltimore riots. As we made mention of previously, Malik Shabazz the current president of Black Lawyers for Justice, has been identified as that leader.

Bradlee also went on to point out the pledge that people affirmed in the 1960s if they wanted to participate in the Civil Rights Movement. He listed them in a November 2014 article. Here they are:

  1. Meditate on teachings of Jesus daily.
  2. Remember that the nonviolent movement seeks justice and reconciliation, not just victory.
  3. Walk & talk in the manner of love/charity, for God is love.
  4. Pray daily to be used by God.
  5. Sacrifice personal needs. Greed has to go out the window.
  6. Observe with both friend & foe the ordinary rules of courtesy.
  7. Seek to perform regular service for others and for the world.
  8. Refrain from the violence of fist, tongue or heart.
  9. Strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health.
  10. Follow the directions of the movement and of the captain of the demonstration.

None of these are followed by modern day provocateurs in places like Ferguson, New York or Baltimore.

“This is completely contrary to what you are seeing today,” Dean said. “You’re seeing a whole lot of demonic activity and a whole lot of lawlessness and sons of Belial and daughters of Belial acting out what they’ve always wanted to act out.”

What these modern day provocateurs want to engage in is not righteousness or justice. Rather they want to, according to Dean, “right the wrong by wronging those that wronged us; and… wrong the innocent for those that are responsible for what took place in Baltimore.”

The major media news outlets in America also drew Dean’s wrath as he exposed the fact that they had failed to report on the catalyst for the riots, the former national chairman of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz.

Clearly, they are the useful idiots we all knew them to be.

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