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The Mosque Which The Muhammad Cartoons Texas Shooters Attended Financially Supported Terrorists

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Published on: May 6, 2015

In Phoenix, Usama Shami, president of the Islamic Community Center (ICCP), a mosque three miles south of where Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, the shooters, were members of Shami’s mosque (ICCP) in Phoenix. Shami described the men positively, but looked into Shami’s operation and found it to have participated in the fundraising process of Islamic foundations that are nefarious in their support for terror funding.

Basically, Shami says that these terrorists were liked among the young men of the mosque and were good examples. You always hear such typical testimony from most of these mosques, and always after the fact:


The New York Times also posted on Shami’s testimony: “Mr. Simpson had converted to Islam while in high school and adopted the Muslim name Ibrahim, Mr. Shami said. Mr. Simpson was focused on the basic issues about his faith, grounded in questions young converts ask about fasting and the rules of courtship and marriage, Mr. Shami said.” “There were no flashes of anger or radicalization, just an absence of happiness,” Mr. Shami said.

The ‘moderate’ face Shami tries to convey seems strange. When the FBI recruited someone in the congregation to befriend Simpson, the terror suspect, as court records show, the president of ICCP, Shami, in that regard, says: “everybody knew who the [FBI] informant was.” “He was acting suspicious,” Shami said, “and we knew that he was not somebody that’s a regular member, or somebody that’s a convert.”

This is a bit strange. The FBI informant was “the suspect” while the terror suspect was not?

It is here when one must dig a bit deeper. At face value, Shami must be commended for denouncing and exposing ISIS in one video (see after 9 minutes), but he warns his congregants theologically about “spying.”

While someone without experience can see the denunciation of ISIS, they move on to think all is clear.

So what do we make of this center that condemns ISIS and the burning of the Jordanian pilot as seen in the video? It all seems well intended. The key is that while many Muslim centers in the U.S. condemns ISIS, they would not condemn other terror groups like Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood, the umbrella to these radical groups.

But spending a few minutes examining their Facebook page one can find that the ICCP that Shami runs and where the two terrorists attended under Shami has hosted the Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA), known for its connections to Hamas as well as ICNA Relief USA known for their Jihadist fundraising empire.

Fact is that the ICCP property and the center is fully controlled by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) which is a Muslim Brotherhood front and the Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA), which ICCP hosted, in all truth, funds Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza as confirmed by the state of Israel. The shooters as we also shown from Soofi’s Facebook page, supports Hamas as can be seen he posted their photo and has a litany of statements in support for relief for Hamas in Gaza. I could belabor the litany of evidence on Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) and ICNA, but the links shared here are detailed research and makes a solid case.


While the ICCP does not support ISIS, it took a few minutes to prove that it is typical of these centers to support the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas which last I checked, by the State Department, is considered a terrorist organization. I did this in few minutes. Just imagine what else I will find if I spent all day? Yet none of these main media outfits (CNN and the New York Times in this case) investigates the people they interview. I wonder why? Instead, they are all busy investigating Pamela Geller’s motives behind drawing Muhammad’s cartoons. Strange indeed. Do these love to watch cartoons all day long? Who knows? But I have better things to do.

So must I continue a library of arguments and research here to have everyone say the article is “too long”? As Forrest Gump says, “That’s all I have to say about that,” so I rest my case.


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