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The Straw Man Has No Place in Charleston

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Published on: June 24, 2015

As we all watched the details unfold in the tragic church shooting in South Carolina, I couldn’t help but wonder how the left would use this tragedy to advance liberal policies. Well, it didn’t take long to find out. The President wasted no time in turning this into a Second Amendment issue. As the Charleston community showed the rest of the country the importance of unity, the former constitutional scholar took a different approach when he stepped up to the microphone and said this…

And just like with the Cambridge Police situation, a conclusion is presented immediately after admitting that we don’t have all the facts. At this point in time, we had no way of knowing if the gun given to this young deranged man by his father was even the murder weapon. And since we didn’t know that at the time, how does the wizard of smart know that he “had no trouble getting his hands on a gun?” The answer is that he doesn’t. But he is a liberal, and as we know, they never let a crisis go to waste!

Although there are many lessons to be learned from this tragedy, the political lesson is this: The left is now completely devoid of true, human emotion. They’re fixated on one goal, and one goal only, winning. When four American’s lost their lives in the Benghazi consulate, the President, Vice President, and the person who wants to be the next President, told the family members, “Don’t worry, we’ll get that guy who made the video!” To this day, the family members have no answers. Barack Obama and the rest of his party could care less about the victims and their families; they only care about advancing their agenda.

This is actually a very typical formula for the left. It’s called a straw man tactic. Say something so amazingly void of reality that it starts a whole new conversation. Who cares about the victims’ family, or what this type of rhetoric does to race relations, just push that agenda baby! Again, this is nothing new. Pick an issue…

  • Obamacare – We were the only developed nation not to have government run healthcare, according to the left. As if this automatically made countries that do, far superior. Oh yea, and don’t forget that the GOP plan for everyone was to die quickly. How’s that for a straw man!
  • Abortion – On abortion, it’s the whole “what about if a woman is raped?” argument. This suggests that a large number of woman in America are being impregnated as a result of rape, even though the number is between 3-5%. The straw man here is that you must not care about women being raped, because that seems like a sensible argument to make……doesn’t it?
  • Redefine Marriage – Ah yes, the homophobe straw man. This is one of my personal favorites. If you believe in traditional marriage….well…that means you hate homosexuals. That’s right. You hate them, there is no alternative. You can no longer simply hold views contrary to a liberal without some type of negative label being bestowed upon you by the party of tolerance.
  • 2nd Amendment – The obvious straw man here is the National Rifle Association, as if the NRA personally provides the weapons used in these tragedies. Just think of it this way: To a liberal, the NRA is responsible for all gun deaths, but Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with the millions of abortions that take place in America. It takes a special kind of stupid….I’m just saying.
  • Immigration Reform – This is one of my favorites. If you think that people should enter the country legally, well…..then you must hate immigrants. There is no possibility that you might just think that following our laws is…I don’t know, somewhat important.

But this is just what they do. Did you ever notice how liberal rules never apply to liberals? They only apply to conservatives. So we know that there has to be some nefarious enemy in this tragedy, and that enemy must be on the right. This is no different than it was with the Gabby Giffords shooting, because of course that was Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh’s fault. Remember when that first happened, the liberal media were all talking about how Jared Loughner must have read or heard Palin or Limbaugh say something that sparked the shooting. As it turned out, Loughner was just another crazy liberal loon…….but who needs facts?

Here’s the bottom line: These people don’t want peace, they don’t want fairness or equality, they only want one thing. They want to win! Conservatives better start waking up to the reality that the rules have changed, and unless we start wanting to win as badly as they do…well…it won’t end well for anybody.

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