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The US Is Now Having To Fight Terrorist Groups On Our Own Soil In BLM & Antifa Attacks

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Published on: June 18, 2020

As I stated in a previous article Soros & Obama Behind Minneapolis Incident Sparking Nationwide Riots” both Soros and Obama are responsible for incidents of inciting riots based on race. Soros finances, Obama orchestrates and executes the incidents necessary to create the platforms necessary for civil unrest and rioting. Obama’s vast web of organizations from Organizing For Action (OFA) is the executive home office in directing pandemonium, not only in the USA but around the world to BLM and ANTIFA who are the organizations providing the foot soldiers in the street.

Interestingly, we have the Obama foundation Tweeting about George Floyd on May 17th, some 8 days before his death, a proof positive fact that Barack Obama was planning the Floyd incident to spark racial tensions via protests and riots,

As it is now, the United States has the same scenario of having to deal with terrorist factions that want the country destroyed as Israel has had to deal with for decades. In Israel’s case, terrorist factions from Hamas, Hezbollah, to more recently the Obama created ISIS is always carrying out some attack against the state from rocket attacks, planting bombs on buses and in public places, to having mass violent demonstrations the main goal of these radical Islamic terrorist organizations is the total destruction of the state of Israel and the death of all Jews.

In the case of the US, we now have the international terrorist organizations ANTIFA and BLM attacking the state in various forms from massive violent protests and outright riots to having members of these groups carrying out attacks on citizens on an individual basis.  We even have them taking portions real estate and proclaiming the area to be a sovereign nation, such as the case with the ANTIFA/BLM nation of CHAZ in downtown Seattle.

The calling card that links ANTIFA and BLM to Obama is their desire to eliminate all monuments and statues that represent American history and heritage, thus erasing all traces of our past. ISIS has been hard at work destroying everything they can get their hands on that represent any form of history across the Mid-East and Northern Africa. These actions by all 3 of these terrorist organizations speak volumes in pointing out Barack Obama to being their founder, manager, and leader

So, the US currently has the exact same problems with international terrorist organizations as Israel. The main objective of ANTIFA and BLM is also exactly the same as their counterparts in the Mid-East and North Africa. Simply, the destruction of America and death to all who oppose their anti-American agenda.

The death and destruction in the US is only going to get much worse if this problem isn’t addressed and dealt with, via swift and affirmative action. The President must follow Israel’s example in dealing with terrorist organizations which is hit them hard militarily at every opportunity until they are severely weakened and disorganized.

Communication of members of these terrorist groups should also be monitored 24/7 to keep ahead of their plans of attack. We can do so since the NSA already monitors all communications going on in the entire country.

One plan of attack on Americans is scheduled during the President’s Tulsa rally on the 20th of June, both ANTIFA and BLM have stated their plans to attack Trump supporters during this rally. Those who plan on attending, need to be prepared to fight.

The time for all of us to pick a side and prepare to fight has come.

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