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Canada: Church That Tossed Nazis Out Stops Them Cold Two Times In One Day! (Video)

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Published on: April 26, 2021

Last month, Pastor Artur Pawlowski lit up the Northern Hemisphere, as well as the world, by tossing Canadian police and a health official out of his church during the Passion Week, referencing them as “Nazis, fascists, communists.”  This weekend they were back during church services and the men of the church were having none of it, going out to meet the Canadian Nazi Gestapo and not allowing them entrance.

Polish Pastor Runs Off Canadian Police & Health Official: Get Out! Nazis Are Not Welcome Here” (Video)

Pastor Artur posted on Facebook, “Second attempt, in the same day, by the Police SWAT Team to disrupt Religious Gathering while in session! Pastor Peter Reicher stood on the Fundamentally Guaranteed Rights under the “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.

Here’s the videos.

Apparently, these Gestapo Nazis don’t have real criminals to deal with anymore in Canada.  Now, they are a part of the beast system that wants to threaten and intimidate God’s people for merely gathering together for worship of their own free will.  This will not end well for them.

Previously, Pastor Pawlowski was fined $1,200 for “violating” social distancing to feed the homeless in his community, something that is a real demonstration love and commanded by the Lord Jesus (Matthew 25).

Pastor Fined $1,200 For “Violating” Social Distancing To Feed The Homeless (Video)

He also joined me days after tossing out the Nazis on The Sons of Liberty morning show to talk about not only that incident, but about his conversion and ministry and what God has been doing.  The miraculous is taking place there in Canada, and no doubt, this is why they want to shut the ministry down.

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski: He’s Not Just Running Nazis Out Of His Church!

Meanwhile, while this is taking place in the area of Calgary, in Edmonton, the Gestapo is coming in hot and fast against the Church, sending in more than 200 tyrannical agents of the state, the new brownshirts, to surround and shutdown entrance to a GraceLife Church, where they held the pastor unlawfully for more than 11 weeks in jail.

200 Tyrannical Agents Of The Canadian State Surround Church Building – Christians Should Outnumber & Surround Them! (Video)

American Christians, this is not a game.  It is not a piece of entertainment.  It is not about what political jersey you wear or whether or not you’re cheering for your political WWE celebrity to “slam” the others.  This is about freedom, law and justice and currently, there is a strong need for the people in America, led by the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ to stand and say no more and then to bring judgment upon the heads of the wicked who have usurped their authority and neither served God nor the people in the capacity they are in.

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