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They Come to America – A Must See!

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Published on: November 23, 2015

We all talk about immigration: illegal immigration, legal immigration and mass immigration often termed illegal alien invasion. Apart from what we read or what we see on the TV news or carefully crafted mainstream documentaries, do Americans truly comprehend what is actually being discussed? Do we know what is actually taking place? Are we aware of the multi-faceted problems faced in our nation today as a result of not only illegal immigration, but those considered foreign guest workers and others in America on Visas? If you are like me, you consider yourself well informed on the issue of illegal immigration and the problems associated with it. However, what is being doled to us from many in the media is a far cry from the reality.

Snippets of segments amounting to a few minutes covering the illegal immigration crisis facing this nation, as well as others, can be deceiving. It can hide true numbers. It can skew demographics. It can hide the more frightening aspects of illegal immigration. And, it can often leave out valuable information that would trigger an alarm among the public. In other words, it is a strategic report aimed at just enough information to raise the issue spun with a humanitarian flare while downplaying the effect to avoid triggering the alarm.

This first article begins a series covering an extraordinary piece of work over the past few years by filmmaker and entrepreneur, Dennis Michael Lynch. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Lynch and his work, it will change after this series along with what you know or think you know about illegal immigration.

To give a brief background, I first ran across Mr. Lynch’s work from viewing a YouTube channel of an alternative video producer roughly a month ago. The trailer for the documentary, “They Come To America – Part I” happened to be in the sidebar. Intrigued, I watched the trailer, which led to another trailer for Part II. Consequently, I visited his site and purchased the three part video series. Years in the making, Mr. Lynch answered many questions that mainstream media left unanswered and challenged the rhetoric put forth by the federal government and the White House.

The documentary so moved me that it inspired a series of articles covering these films to provide readers additional information along with video segments. A picture is worth a thousand words. How many is Mr. Lynch’s videos worth? You decide. His trilogy documentary expands the understanding surrounding the issue of illegal immigration. By knowing the difference between the rhetoric from the White House and politicians versus illegal aliens themselves, coupled with facts, Americans can arm themselves with information to challenge rhetoric often encountered from our representatives and those who view it from a strictly humanitarian viewpoint. We also learn the cost of amnesty to this nation and our posterity. In fact, we can share what we glean by providing others links to Mr. Lynch’s website, as well as his other outlets.

I contacted Mr. Lynch through social media and received permission to reproduce the videos. Please be sure and visit his YouTube channel and his website as a “thank you” for allowing this opportunity to continue the education on this important issue. Additionally, I would encourage readers to visit his Facebook page to give it a thumbs up and receive notifications on his new future releases.

First, let’s take a look at an introduction to Mr. Dennis Michael Lynch by viewing his appearance on Fox News with Sean Hannity in the special: The Cost of Amnesty, aired in 2013.

In the hour-long special with Hannity, a few glimpses of the film were shown as well as seeing John Roland, a key figure in the film. Americans heard from Rosemary Cain, whose son George Cain, was murdered on September 11, 2001, while responding with his New York Fire Department unit to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. From the Hannity special several years ago, Mr. Lynch offered Americans his motivation for the film, the difficulties faced in presenting the film, and many politicians’ lack of interest in having a discussion on illegal immigration.

The next article will begin the summarization of the first film and provide interesting clips to expound on the information we know and don’t know about the issue of illegal immigration along with the great lengths Mr. Lynch went to capture what most of us don’t see in mainstream media reporting.

Stay tuned!

H/T and special thanks to Dennis Michael Lynch for his permission to reproduce his works.

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