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They Keep Hammering on the Problem – Without the Right Solution

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Published on: September 29, 2015

I ended my last column with the statement: “If after devoting all the power and money to the government we still get mass shootings, maybe we should start looking at the government as the failure instead of giving the government more power.”

I thought this comment deserved further consideration considering how so many people seem to look to the government as the solution and never the problem. There is an old saying, “If your only tool is a hammer, then every problem is a nail.” In our country today, many would say that’s great because we can fix a lot of loose boards, so let’s buy hammers and hire bureaucrats to use them. Well, after decades of this mentality, I am growing very concerned seeing these bureaucrats using their hammers to solve everything from headaches to sore foots.

The gun control crowd continues to keep hammering on the issue of there being shootings as continued proof that their needs to be more gun control. The problem with the gun control crowd really is similar to trying to cure a headache with a hammer. They would actually think knocking someone out would be making the headache go away. They would not care if the side effect was brain damage or death. This is what happens when we do not look at the big picture or the unintended consequences.     

I think the reason they keep focusing on the guns is that they are unwilling to accept any responsibility for the problems that plague this country.

I grew up in rural America. When I was young, many people did not even lock their doors. They did not worry about people stealing from them because stealing was so rare. That is not the case today. Now, it is common for an average house to have alarm systems that are better than the alarms many of the banks and jewelry stores had when I was young.

I am growing weary of the traditional liberal and conservative arguments on the crime issue. If we were going to describe the extremes, the conservatives would say jail them all and let God sort them out while, while the liberals would say if we spend more money on education and hug the criminals more jails would be unnecessary. There are also all the other arguments in between.   

My suggestion is that the mass shootings, riots and other crime problems should be viewed as a job performance review as to how well our society is being run. For example, years ago they prayed in school. Church was a major part of the community I grew up in. Now there is hostility towards Christianity. The media never asks if this has caused our population to become less moral. Gun control and policies like it are an attempt at making it safe to have bad people in society. My grandpa’s generation would hang the thieves so they would not have to lock their doors. My father’s generation would jail the thieves so they would not have to lock their doors. Now, my generation wants to disarm the entire population so that they can let violent criminals roam the streets.

I think it is time to say, “Hold on there, what you are doing is not working!” Before we continue to go down this path, let’s see if it was the right thing to do. Maybe we need to back up a little. Maybe we need to back up a lot. If the schools are going to produce violent and immoral people, no amount of gun control or police power will keep us safe.

Jesus spoke a lot about this. If you stop sin in your heart, you will stop sin in your actions. Jesus put a lot of focus on getting our heart right first. Today, even the churches do not want to talk about sin or right and wrong. Why would the schools do it if the churches are unwilling? Our culture fights morality every step of the way and then they wonder why we have mass shootings.

In a country where it is not even safe for a baby to be in their mother’s womb because a Planned Parenthood doctor may murder them and sell their body parts, we wonder why we have riots and why people are more violent. I think considering what the schools and the media are pushing, we should be glad things are not even worse than they are. However, if we continue to allow these things to continue, worse things are sure to come.   

Every one shares the blame as you get the type of society you tolerate. Tolerance has become the new religion.

Many like to blame the Supreme Court for taking prayer out of the schools and for all their other wicked rulings. However, if the Christians took their children out of the schools when the Supreme Court took the prayer out, I think the country would have taken a different direction. It would not have required violence or force. It would not have required an act of congress or the election of any politicians at all. A simple “No thank you” is all that would have been necessary. Well, and maybe a little back bone. I know everyone has a million excuses as to why they continued to send their children to the schools they are so unhappy with. Jesus said, “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul.” Well, what about our children’s souls? We are now looking at the result of generations of children being taught that God has no place in the schools, but the government and the media never ask if this is why we have shootings in the schools. They never ask if training children this way will cause them to be violent.   

Before we do any more gun control, how about we try a little self control and Supreme Court control first? If we do, we will not need gun control.         

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