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Wesleyan University Receives Demands to Censor Veteran’s Opinion over this

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Published on: September 29, 2015

When Afghan Veteran sophomore Bryan Stascavage wrote his article against the Black Lives Matters movement in the school newspaper, he never dreamt he was about to unleash the storm that was about to come.  We know that there is an air of intolerance against those who do not agree with the Leftist movement.  We all have a right to free speech unless that speech says something that people do not want to hear, but the response from his fellow students was shocking.

Fox reports:

The opinion piece unleashed a firestorm of criticism, first directed at Stascavage and later at the school newspaper and its editors. Stascavage said he’s been called a racist by students on campus, while some activists are calling on the school’s student government to defund the newspaper.

A petition demanding the Wesleyan Argus lose funding unless it meets certain demands has signatures from at least 172 students, staff and recent alumni. Signatories threatened to boycott the paper because they said it fails to “provide a safe space for the voices of students of color and we are doubtful that it will in the future.”

Bryan has faced shouts by those who do not like what he has said.  He has been called a racist.  So, why would they think that Bryan was a racist?  Has he attacked a race or color?  Had he used racial remarks or stereo types in his article?  No, what Bryan did was much worse in their eyes.

What Bryan did to offend was speak his mind.  He gave an opinion about the direction and actions of a movement that has become a sacred cow for the Left.  This movement has fabricated evidence and promoted false witness against police.  They did this to gain support and push their agenda.  In other words, they spread propaganda.

By God’s grace, the school administration has not kowtowed to the students demands.

Fox continued:

“Debates can raise intense emotions, but that doesn’t mean that we should demand ideological conformity because people are made uncomfortable,” Wesleyan University President Michael Roth wrote in a blog post along with Provost Joyce Jacobsen and Vice-President for Equity and Inclusion, Antonio Farias.

“As members of a university community, we always have the right to respond with our own opinions, but there is no right not to be offended,” said the post, titled “Black Lives Matter and So Does Free Speech.”

“We certainly have no right to harass people because we don’t like their views,” the administration said. “Censorship diminishes true diversity of thinking; vigorous debate enlivens and instructs.”

Once again, we find that if your statements do not fit into the leftist paradigm, then they seek to shut you down.  They do this through shame, threats and defamation of character.  These people know that they cannot win through honest debate. Therefore, they seek to silence through intimidation and slander.

In one sense, they have won at Wesleyan, as well.  The student editors have issued a joint apology for printing the story.  They, unlike famous editors of old, have buckled to political pressure.  Rather than the truth, these people want to hear what they believe is true.  Fools!


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