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Thick as Thieves: AG Loretta Lynch’s Law Firm Tied to Hillary Clinton

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Published on: April 1, 2016

There is certainly a conflict of interest concerning the FBI’s alleged desires to deal with Hillary Clinton in a criminal matter, but is subservient to the Department of Justice that is run by a known Constitution violator by the name of Loretta Lynch. However, though Lynch is a Constitution violator, it is her law firm that is tied to Hillary Clinton that is a part of the issue in the current matter regarding Clinton’s blatant disregard for federal law concerning her illegal and unsecured email server.

WND reports:

It’s well known that if the FBI recommends prosecution in the Hillary Clinton email case, the decision will be put in the hands of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

But little known is the fact that Lynch was a litigation partner for eight years at a major Washington law firm that served the Clintons.

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Lynch was with the Washington-headquartered international law firm Hogan & Hartson LLP from March 2002 through April 2010.

According to documents Hillary Clinton’s first presidential campaign made public in 2008, Hogan & Hartson’s New York-based partner Howard Topaz was the tax lawyer who filed income tax returns for Bill and Hillary Clinton beginning in 2004.

In addition, Hogan & Hartson in Virginia filed a patent trademark request on May 19, 2004, for Denver-based MX Logic Inc., the computer software firm that developed the email encryption system used to manage Clinton’s private email server beginning in July 2013. A tech expert has observed that employees of MX Logic could have had access to all the emails that went through her account.

Of course, this was not the only time that Lynch has been tied to Clinton. She was nominated by then President Bill Clinton in 1999 for her first term as US attorney for the Eastern District of New York. She would later leave that position to become a partner in the Litigation Practice Group at Hogan & Hartson, which is now known as Hogan Lovells, in 2002.

She left the law firm in 2010 after being nominated by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah to the former position she held as US attorney for the Eastern District of New York, and then he nominated her in 2014 to her current position as Attorney General.

We know that Hogan & Hartson were also Hillary Clinton financial donors. At least five attorneys and staff at the law firm donated well over $100,000 to her campaign so far in the current presidential race.

“Firm lawyers and staff have donated nearly $123,400 to her campaign so far, according to campaign contribution data from the Center for Responsive Politics,” Nate Raymond said.

Jerome Corsi also points out the ties Hogan & Hartson has been involved in when it came to MX Logic software, which was later used by Hillary Clinton for her illegal private email server, as well as security risks caused by the use of the software.

Add to all of this that Loretta Lynch has been tied to pro-terrorist groups, seized nearly $1 billion in assets in 2013 alone in violation of the Fifth Amendment, has claimed the Voter ID laws are racist, and her entire history has been to be surrounded by criminals and shady politicians. Considering that Hillary Clinton is a Saul Alinsky radical, when you have these two dealing with the criminal actions of one, there is no way one criminal is going to seek prosecution of the other.

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