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Time Short for Snowden on Plea Deal

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Published on: August 22, 2015

With all the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Three Ring circuses taking place in America, it’s no wonder we all throw our hands up in disgust in a “who cares anymore” manner. Appearing in ring one, Sheriff David Clarke renamed the “Black Lives Matter” criminal behavior movement to “Black’s Lies Matters,” which is a more apt description of the movement. As these criminals led by fraudster Shaun King, a man who is white instead of black, protest the killing of black criminal thugs at the hands of police, an innocent 9-year-old black girl is shot and killed in her home in Ferguson while she did homework. Well known Nazi collaborator
George Soros, who has evaded justice for assisting to send Jews to death camps, funds this false movement for his own gain. Louis Farrakhan, speaking inside a Baptist church, called for whites to be murdered while Al Sharpton fueled the flames of nationwide criminal behavior in street riots, looting and civil unrest across the nation.

Not to be outdone, Ring number two surrounds the Hillary Clinton email “Wipegate” scandal, which continues as the “Benghazi-gate” investigation is still no closer to holding anyone in the Obama administration accountable. Simultaneously, leaks confirm Obama’s side deal in the Iran Nuclear Deal disaster allows Iran to inspect themselves, which the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approves. Continuing the status quo, unfettered illegal alien invasion occurs sanctioned by this administration and Congress whereby Mexican drug cartels now control thousands of square miles of US territory throughout multiple states. Obama continues his trampling of the Constitution with impunity, while promoting Muslim terrorist organizations, terrorist sponsoring countries, and pushing a war against American patriots.

In ring number three, the 2016 presidential campaigns are in full swing. Congress remains crippled to stop the unlawful, criminal constitutional violations by Obama. Jade Helm 15 operates in complete media blackout and the government continues spying on innocent US citizens. Yet, the US [In]Justice Department remains staunch in its designation of Edward Snowden as a federal fugitive claiming his opportunity for a plea deal is closing.

Calling the exposure by Snowden “the worst in US history,” US intelligence officials claim the chance for Snowden to get a plea deal in exchange for cooperation has lost momentum resulting in an almost non-existent chance. Officials cite three main reasons for this.

The US intelligence community today believes it knows more about what Snowden took than it did in 2014. Back then, the intelligence assessments assumed that every piece of data Snowden’s Web Crawler programs scanned was also copied and downloaded to files he later took. US intelligence officials tell us that a more accurate picture of what Snowden actually took, as opposed to what he just scanned.

Another reason Snowden’s value to the US government has diminished is that most intelligence officials assume that whatever Snowden gave to journalists is also by now in the possession of the Chinese and Russian governments.

Finally, US officials have asserted — though without providing evidence to support the claim — that state and terrorist adversaries have improved their methods of evading US surveillance as a result of the Snowden leaks. In February, Mike Rogers, the NSA director, told a Washington think tank that the US lost spying capabilities as a result of Snowden’s disclosures.

If the government had not been engaging in unconstitutional spying activities against innocent US citizens, Snowden would not have disclosed any of the activity. In violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, the spying arm of the federal government “hoovered” data indiscriminately from any and all sources generated by every US citizen. Instead of taking responsibility for their crimes, the “intelligence” community turns around and blames a whistleblower. And for what? According to NSA director Mike Rogers, Snowden’s disclosures caused “lost spying capabilities” and allowed state and terrorist adversaries to improve methods of evading US surveillance.

Of course, the NSA is vague in their claim and provides no proof, only speculation. The information Snowden gave to journalists “may” be in the hands of China and Russia. US spying capabilities were lost because of Snowden’s leaks. Should some in government get their way, they would charge and try Snowden for treason for violating his oath.

If you think about it, this is “rich.” Our nation has two chambers of Congress engaged in violating their oath daily. The president, whose job is to make sure the laws are faithfully executed, disregards the Constitution and long-standing laws and makes law unilaterally by executive fiat. Moreover, a former head of the Department of Justice remain in contempt of Congress. If that weren’t enough, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is responsible for the murder of four Americans in Benghazi since she refused to approve requests for increased security made by Ambassador Chris Stevens. Now, the “Wipegate” scandal indicates Clinton could be responsible for sensitive and classifies information being available to any and everyone who could access her server. The icing on the cake is the consorting, aiding and abetting of US enemies by one Barack Hussein Obama, self-appointed king.

These government officials operate with impunity. Yet, these same law and oath breakers want to “lower the boom” on Snowden. If we were honest, the intelligence community is upset because it was caught with its hand in the cookie jar. We all know who “state and terrorist adversaries” describe since the update of the training manuals listing 72 categories of Americans considered threats. Someone has to pay for their embarrassment.

The congressional subcommittee has enough information on Clinton surrounding the email server to leverage the same charges against her as Snowden. In fact, the subcommittee has about the same amount of evidence in both cases. So, why haven’t they charged Clinton? There’s only one answer to that question — she’s part of the political elite and people associated with and who bring unfavorable light upon the Clinton’s end up “punished.” The charlatans in both chambers “huff and puff” like the Big Bad Wolf when it comes to their political cronies; but, they’re ready to take a “bite” out of anyone else who breaks the law, except those designated as “protected” classes — Muslims, blacks, sodomites, homosexuals and illegal alien invaders. Gee, that covers everyone except white heterosexual citizens.

It’s enough to make you want to scream as no matter what is done, no headway is made resulting in frustration, anger and helplessness. No wonder many an American has thrown up their hands to say, “Who cares anymore since nothing changes no matter what.” For all the complaints made to Washington, DC, elected officials, Americans are rewarded with more dog and pony shows of inaction.

The solution is not an easy or simple one. However, a solution needs to be forthcoming or our very existence as a nation is near an end. A nation operating under the Articles of Confederation looks good right now.

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