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Is Glenn Beck Advocating Violating Immigration Laws for Persecuted Christians before Trying to Work Within the Law?

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Published on: August 22, 2015

In 1939, the M.S. St. Louis departed Germany with 900+ Jewish passengers seeking asylum from persecution by Hitler’s regime. The ship first arrived in Cuba. Cuba rejected them. Returning to the open sea, the ship headed toward the United States. As they neared Miami, passengers watched all the lights disappeared as the ship sailed past the docks. The US government denied them entry. The ship sailed up the east coast to Canada where, once again, rejection for entry occurred. The M.S. St. Louis returned across the Atlantic where these passengers debarked into Great Britain, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Those passengers not in Great Britain found themselves once again under Nazi rule. Eventually, the Nazis rounded them up and shipped them off to concentration camps.

Many Americans are not aware of the story of our government rejecting the asylum request of the passengers of the M.S. St. Louis. Those who are barely give it a thought. But more than a thought should be given as the world knew of the Nazi violations of human rights then – before the occurrence of the mass genocide. Much of the world turned a blind eye. The world, it seems, has learned nothing.

As ISIS continues its spread throughout Syria and Iraq, Christians, Jews, and other religious minorities face horrid atrocities known by the entire world. The Islamic terrorist barbarians release video footage routinely to show the world their heinous crimes. Yet, the UN calls for asylum for Muslims in the war-torn region. Obama and his administration comply while turning a blind eye to the holocaust of Christians. The remainder of the world, except Slovakia, follows Obama’s callous attitude; and, so do many Americans, which includes Christian Americans. It comes as no surprise really from a nation that supports murdering of babies in the womb and selling of murdered baby body parts.

The Blaze reported the US denies Middle East victims of persecution, mostly Christians, entry even though Christianity is at risk of eradication. Guest Johnny Moore, author of “Defying ISIS: Preserving Christianity in its Place of Birth and in Your Own Backyard,” stated, “Just four years ago in Syria, there were 2 million Christians. There are only 400,000 left. And a city like Aleppo has the largest Christian population left in the Middle East. It’s surrounded by terrorists. It’s only a matter of time. We’ve been begging. We’ve been pleading. So, frankly, we just don’t have enough time.”

Moore is speaking of genocide — genocide of Christians and religious minorities by Muslims.

According to Moore, one of the most active men working to save Christians is Lord George Weidenfeld, an Austrian Jew who escaped to Britain during World War II. Moore indicated Christians helped Weidenfeld during his time of need so Weidenfeld is “paying it forward.” Bottom line, according to Moore, is “we save them now or they will die.” Moore stated these Christians are professionals, merchants and productive members capable of sustaining themselves.

Moore emphasized, “This is the crisis of our time. And we will respond or we will look back in history and we will weep because of our silence. … You can’t say you didn’t know. Everyone knows what ISIS does to Christians.”

Back in 1939, the US government and the people could claim a form of “plausible deniability” regarding the fate of the passengers of the M.S. St. Louis as the holocaust had not started. However, the world knew of the persecution of the Jews by Nazi Germany and the fact that persecution would escalate. Yet, no one took action. History indeed seems to be repeating itself and it’s a dark history the world’s population should hang their head in shame for allowing.

But, many Christians in the US can’t be bothered right now with their brothers and sisters being persecuted in a land most can’t find on a world map. They are busy applauding and bowing to sodomites, engaging in violating God’s laws by openly accepting sodomite “marriage,” appeasing Muslims to avoid the label Islamophobes, keeping their head down to ride out the rough times, refusing to stand against the murder of babies in the womb, and busy receiving and buying a watered down version of God’s Holy Word delivered by government bought “snake oil salesmen” instead of ministers of God. Many Christians are busy “helping” illegal alien invaders break our laws under the auspices of “compassion” and “being like Christ.” Jesus Christ never advocated violation of just laws or God’s laws.

Because of Moore’s passion, Glenn Beck declared, “I’m telling you right now, you get them to Mexico, and I’ll walk them across this damn border.”

“I mean that. I’ll raise a million dollars. I give you my word,” Beck continued. “We will raise a million dollars to help you. And I don’t care where they go, but it is an abomination. And if you get them to Mexico, I personally will walk them across this freaking border. Enough is enough.”

“This is the opportunity to be Schindler. This really is,” Beck said.

“This is the most righteous thing. It’s an honor to be with you,” Beck said. “I will tell you now, you get them to Mexico and we’ll make news. We will make news. Because I will walk them across the border, and I’ll do it with — I’ll do it with a handful of Republicans and hopefully Democrat, but definitely Republican, candidates for president of the United States. We’ll walk them over the border.”

“You’re going to let everybody else come in, but [not] these Christians facing death? I want you to go donate right now,” Beck concluded. “Go to now to”

While Beck’s sentiments are admirable, what Beck proposes is a violation of immigration law unless the people petition the government to grant entry to persecuted Middle Eastern Christians under asylum and the government denies the request. The government ignores our immigration laws by allowing unfettered illegal alien invasion into this nation by unvetted individuals. The government even goes as far as airlifting Muslims from Somalia, Syria and where ever, dumping them in our communities under some UN request. However, the people should respect constitutionally passed legislation.

It is time Christian Americans gather to help persecuted Middle Eastern Christians escape genocide perpetrated by Muslim barbarians, not by violating law first, but by urging both chambers of Congress to designate Middle Eastern Christians as eligible for asylum based on religious persecution, regardless of the UN and regardless of Obama. If Congress fails, then it is time for civil disobedience as government has failed to act righteously, enforce the law equally, and perform good works. After all, if all Christians stand together united in one voice, it can make a difference.

All Christian Americans should contact their Representative in the House and their State Senator urging both chambers to take action immediately. The fax machines need lighting. The phone lines rung off the hook. Email in-boxes filled and letters by the bag full delivered to Washington. This nation’s people need to stand for the oppressed, not the oppressors.

Churches or a group of churches around the nation should commit to sponsoring a persecuted Christian family or individual from a Middle Eastern nation. If certain churches can help illegal alien invaders, the church can aid their brothers and sisters in Christ from genocide. Put down the groups falsely claiming “persecution” and help those truly persecuted. Organizations, such as, work to rescue persecuted Christians. If we all do what we can, it can make a difference. This is a true “humanitarian crisis,” unlike the manufactured crisis seen at our southern border last year.

Illegal immigration, regardless of reasons, is a violation of law. An attempt to work within the established governmental law should come first. We should not begin by violating the law. If government fails to apply the immigration law regarding asylum equally to persecuted Christians, government becomes unjust warranting an upholding of the law by civil disobedience in granting asylum to persecuted Christians through assisting their entry into the nation. Under those circumstances, it is government violating their duty by refusing to apply the law equally and citizens who are advocating equal application of the law.

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