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Treasonous Representative Submits Bill To Ban Not Some BUT ALL Semi-Automatic Firearms (Video)

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Published on: January 18, 2023

It’s incredible to me that the Second Amendment is so clear and all across these united States of America, men and women put their hand on a Bible and swear before God and man that they will uphold that Amendment, along with the rest of the Constitution and while taking that oath, they are thinking about how they can transgress the very limits set up on them.  It’s treasonous, and the latest traitor to show us who he really is is Massachusetts State Representative David Linskey, as he has put forth a bill to ban not some but all semi-automatic firearms.

Jared at Guns & Gadgets has a full report on this.

Keep in mind that this man has been in office for nearly a quarter of a century, and this is not his only bill.

Here are some other bills put forth by this wanna-be tyrant.

  • HD.352 An Act relative to 3D printed guns and ghost guns
  • HD.356 An Act increasing penalties for the illegal sale and possession of firearms
  • HD.357 An Act to close the large capacity magazine loophole
  • HD.361 An Act to require liability insurance for gun ownership
  • HD.363 An Act requiring live fire practice for a firearms license
  • HD.365 An Act to clarify the prosecution of illegal guns
  • HD.368 An Act relative to universal background checks for private gun sales
  • HD.370 An Act to prevent illegal trafficking and gun violence among youth in the Commonwealth

This totally reminds me of treasonous Senator Dianne Feinstein after the Sandy Hook news.  She is basically targeting virtually every semi-automatic handgun and shotgun on the market, and even many semi-automatic rifles.

She also wished she had the votes, as if that would make a difference, and do this to the rights of the American People.

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