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Trigger Warning: A Biblical Definition of Gender Roles

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Published on: January 5, 2017

Well guess what, the “cool kids” are lemmings, buying a well marketed product called pride culture. They aren’t edgy or different, they are just consumers in our modern era, mimicking the idols of pop culture for someone else’s profit. They think they are different and unique, but they are just wearing the conformist uniform of piercing tattoos, hair dye, perpetual offense, and rainbow flags. Wearing a rainbow flag is no more edgy than wearing a Nike shirt, but tell them that, and it might disrupt their entitled sense of self-importance as a self perceived minority.

The True Nature of LGBTQ Militarism

So before I address the Biblical model of gender roles, a quick word on the worlds mis-definition of gender. Okay, chances are you have never heard this perspective so read carefully.

I have written extensively on the LGBTQ sodomite culture and its true agenda in the past. And if I had to choose 3 articles that could quickly shake your thinking on the overarching agenda behind the LGBTQ assault, it would be these three. I encourage you to read,

Homosexuality is a Subculture Nothing More

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Transgenderism: Baby Steps Towards Transhumanism

Pay close attention to that bottom link, everything we see in terms of liberalizing human sexuality and gender norms can be boiled down to an elitist desire to re-engineer our species in the form of transhumanism. Queer culture provides for the acceptance of radical body-modification, so radical it is acceptable to kill your own unborn baby, and also re-assign gender at will. If you think that is indeed radical just wait until they are cutting off limbs to be fitted with bionic arms, eyes, ears and even brain augmentation as means to eternal life. It is coming, and the LGBTQ agenda is the perfect Trojan horse of acceptance.

I can only assume that the delusion surrounding these topics is of a divine nature, God has put the blinders on many people’s heart. People want so desperately to fit in, they will dye their hair, cut on their own bodies and skin, and take on a radicalized liberal ideology in a desperate effort to be anything other than be boring.

Here is the thing, sodomite culture, and transgenderism is as normative as apple pie in American culture. Hello, they have been forcing it on us for decades via popular culture, it’s everywhere. The only difference is for some reason Obama had to make this a national emergency and create a national dialog about it all. The reason he did this, is because it then lays the groundwork for a legislative bubble and paper trail for the protection and acceptance of all forms of self-mutilation in the future. The neo-futurists and power elite want transhumanism, and thus the top down, mechanized, publicity blitz on the subject. They are desperate to bring us into this new level of control. Control over our bodies, our minds, and our means of sexual expression and reproduction is a form of hyper-tyranny we will never escape as a species.

So when liberals want to try and frame the LGBTQ debate in terms of civil rights, I say rubbish to all that, and will in-turn frame the debate along what I mentioned above. Your rainbow flag is a programming tool of social control, manipulating people towards the re-egineering of humanity at a biological level. More appropriately called Transhumanism.

So when Obama gets up on television and blurs the lines on marriage and gender in his speeches, and you believe him without contest, realize that all that is, is Authority Worship, a pathetic form of idol worship. I, and many millions of other Christians in this country don’t worship a man like Obama, we worship God and we strive to keep his Word. Not because we like to oppress people but because it resonates with our core nature.

A Biblical Perspective on Gender

Now for most people the differences in the sexes are obvious on a physical level, emotional level and a spiritual level. For some like those spoken of above, sadly not so much. So we know what we instinctively know about the sexes, but what we really should ask is what does the Bible tell us about the differences in gender, and what are their distinct roles in society and within the bonds of a family unit?

The first order of business is to describe our role as a human first. Humans have unique abilities to reason, communicate, understand consequence and fashion tools. These abilities set us apart from all other forms of life on the planet. By virtue of these God given abilities we have a sense of responsibility to use our superior intellect and reasoning faculties to better our own lives, our families and our communities. The connections we make with other people are also very real. These connections we make naturally manifest into this sense of responsibility for the up-keep and aid of our fellow humans. This sense of responsibility becomes a universal duty that makes society work.

In Genesis God gives to animal kind one command, He said to be fruitful and multiply, then he blesses all of animal kind. We see this in the opening chapter of Genesis,

And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth. Genesis 1: 21-22

But to Humankind He gave us two commands, To be fruitful and multiply, AND to subdue the earth, and have dominion over animal kind.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Genesis 1:27-28

In these two things we find what I call the realms, or spheres of power the two genders operate in. Both are unique. For men we see that their natural sphere of power is within the task of subduing the earth and bringing it under our dominion through the labor and innovative spirit that drives men. While woman are undoubtedly physically equipped and empowered within the creative sphere of reproduction and nurturing of the family. Only together as a team, male and female can they fulfill the task and duty God gave them in the beginning of time.

So in a Biblical sense when we talk about the Biblical roles of male and female we are seeing that God has defined two overarching duties, these duties can be said to have their own unique purpose and jurisdiction and responsibilities. In one the man is best equipped to deal with, and the other the woman is best equipped to deal with, together, as a team they help one another to fulfill these God given commands. How amazing is that? God gives us two tasks that we can only fulfill as a team. So much for the persistent mislabeling by progressives that the Bible and church is inherently sexist in nature. That simply is not true. That is a lie, and misrepresentation in hopes people will fault the Bible as unworthy of wisdom and instruction.

The Man’s Role and Jurisdiction

Men are best equipped to exercise both the physical power of their bodies and their innovative spirit through the subjection of the natural world. We see that the physical features of a man are specially attuned to work the ground, and pursue labor that he can then use to better the circumstances of he and his wife. Making homes, hunting food, laboring with his mind to solve problems outside as a benefit to both society and to his family as he provides sustenance, housing and protection. This is just a fact, a natural fact that can be attested to in every culture. Men do hard labor, provide and protect, they are built for it, and excel in it because that is their sphere of power, that is what God created them to accomplish. It truly is a fundamental part of the nature of man.

In 1 Timothy Chapter 4 and 5 Paul, as a spiritual mentor to Timothy instructs him in both the art of manhood and also in his role as a spiritual leader. In these chapters Paul instructs him to respect the elderly, to protect and provide for the orphans and widows, to spiritually instruct and lead, and provide for his household as shown in verse 8, to do otherwise is abandoning our core duty as a man,

But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. 1 Timothy 5:8

The man’s role is to utilize his mind, body, and spiritual instincts to provide and protect all those whom God has placed under his care. All that we see around us within society have been dreamed up and built for the most part by men. We are wired to bring together all of the elements and resources provided by nature, and construct and build to better our situation individually and communally. Because our forefathers recognized this responsibility, and worked hard to subject and bend the elements of creation to our will, we live in abundance. To fail in this task is to fail not only our ancestry but also our progeny.

Our sphere of influence, nature, and power is to work within the world and bring it under our control to better our lives and the lives of our prosperity. It truly is amazing to reflect on the innovation of men, and the work of their hands that have given us all the modern conveniences and sustenance to better our family situations. Mankind are doers, men of action, they are fierce, aggressive, spiritual leaders and realists. A man operating in the fullness of what God has created us for is really something to behold, to arrest develop in any of these areas not only harms that man, but harms the ability of that man to do what is right by God, his wife, and his family.

The Woman’s Role and Jurisdiction

Woman are equally as powerful and beautiful when operating in the incredible space allotted to them. Woman are physically built to grow, nurture, instruct and manage the sphere of the family. This is their place of power, and they and only they can do that. Men are wholly inadequate seeing they don’t have the physical features nor do they have the emotional intelligence and intuition to nurture and care for the family like woman do. If you have ever had the opportunity to watch a woman go through pregnancy, labor and begin to nurse and care for a child, you quickly realize that what you are witnessing is a walking miracle.

The care and upkeep of the home is the foundation of society, bad homes make for bad citizens and thus the downfall of society. All of our most basic learning and instruction begins within the nurturing embrace of a loving mother. The management of the family sphere in love, can be said to be the most important role within humanity seeing that the success of any given generation is totally dependent on a mothers ability to raise well adjusted children who go on to embrace the duties and responsibilities given to them within their respective gender by God.

In the Book of Proverbs, Solomon’s mother Bathsheba gives Solomon some incredible advice, and a picture of how a mother should manage the home. In Chapter 31 particularly we see that she is a teacher, a entrepreneur, a healthy minded cook, never idle, always instructing and caring for her family knowing full well that she herself will be judged and accountable for the wellbeing of the family God has given her.

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Proverbs 31: 26-29

When a mother looks to the needs of her family, she is praised by all, but especially by her children and her husband who are wholly reliant on her care and tenderness. The home is a refuge of our soul, when it is in order there is peace, when it is out of order it breeds conflict and confusion as the basics of life become neglected. I simply cannot stress how important the sphere of the family and the duties and responsibilities of a loving woman are. So many tactics of the enemy are leveled specifically at woman in our culture, the enemy knows that to destroy woman is to destroy much of the moral fabric and foundation of humanity. The enemy through the world’s ideologies wants to convince woman that what they are doing is not important within the confines of the household. The Bible tells us, that nothing is more important than the role woman play as wives and mothers. Nothing.


For a man to walk away from his duty as a worker, provider, spiritual leader and protector is to walk away from what it means to be a man. To follow your own belly and selfish pursuits at the expense of society and your family is a heinous act according to the Bible. Yet in our culture for young men it is cool to be a slob, to bounce around from job to job, engage in hook-ups and meaningless sex, and when a child comes about to deny ones responsibility leaving the mother to raise the child alone or encourage that mother to commit and be accessory to murder through abortion.

This is equally so for woman, to deny their roles and responsibilities as the caretaker and nurturer of the family is also a total failure, and she too has abandoned their fundamental responsibilities given to them at the very beginning.

Everything about Obama, and the liberal agenda is there to disrupt these foundational roles, they are tactics to upend society. They don’t want men being men, and woman being woman. As men become feminized and woman become masculine and confused in their roles, society suffers, morality suffers, knowledge suffers, and our knowledge of God suffers. Everything hinges on our ability as a culture to maintain, and work towards the mutual benefit of one another and that starts inside the family unit. Please like us on Facebook, and also sign up for our newsletter.

None of this is to say that woman can’t do things that men do, like be scholars or builders or inventors, obviously they have all the capacities of reason and intelligence that men do. Don’t let the secularist control the debate in this way, seeing it is an unfounded strawman argument looking to divide men and woman, and paint the Bible as the source of such teachings. Look at Proverbs 31 again, the woman depicted is an entrepreneur, but never fails to neglect her primary role as mother.

We have to start seeing the liberal agenda as being an attack on America, and its core strength. The disruption of gender norms are a perversion. We find that God has given us defined characteristics, powers, and roles in life. We need one another to be exactly what God has made us to be in-order to both survive and thrive. This is the Biblical model, a model that is totally complimentary to our core nature, it does not like so many have come to belief place men over woman. The Bible places emphasis on our strengths and demonstrates the need for monogamous, loving, and cooperative efforts between men and woman within the confines of God’s law, marriage, family and sphere of influences and responsibilities we have been given. The liberal system is one of confusion and dis-empowerment, all built on the lies that we can empower ourselves. We can do no such thing. No man or woman is an island to themselves in this world, we need all of us men and woman operating within the full power of our respective, God given spheres of influence to thrive. The Biblical model is complimentary not combative like the liberal gender benders make it out to be. Each gender has been given a jurisdiction, power and abilities that they are perfectly created for. It is time we embrace that and stop allowing fancy talking sociopaths, that wield ideologies like weapons to disrupt the knowledge and power each of us has been given.

Article posted with permission from Wake the Church

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