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Triple Amputee Veteran: “Memorial Day has become a Disgraced National Holiday”

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Published on: May 22, 2015

Brian Kolfage, the most seriously injured airman in US history, has been at the forefront of calling out the corruption of the Obama administration and speaking up for and standing behind our veterans. And he has even faced its opposition against him. Following the loss of three limbs, Kolfage was back charged thousands of dollars by the Veterans Administration. This is a man who served the United States. Yet, when he needed his country to stand behind him, they attacked. Though he was able to straighten things out, it doesn’t stop him from being politically active. The veteran took to his website this week to give voice to how he perceives the coming Memorial Holiday weekend.

Kolfage wrote that he was “extremely disgusted with what Americans have turned Memorial Day into.”

In a similar manner to what Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the plethora of American holidays have become, Memorial Day has also become commercialized.

“It’s now just another ‘holiday’ to profit and sell things,” wrote Kolfage. “It is a day where we should honor the dead who died defending our freedom. Instead, we have turned it into a full-blown shopping bonanza that mimics Black Friday.”

“Is this really how our veterans would have wanted it?” asked the veteran. “TV commercials blasting sales of their products, vaguely and usually never mentioning anything to do with our veterans who died, all to push products and profits up? Are we this greedy?”

Kolfage believes it is an “injustice” and “slap across the face of every veteran who laid down their lives.”

“It’s all to sell crap that doesn’t benefit any Gold Star family, veterans and doesn’t raise awareness for the main problems that these groups face today,” he wrote. “Yeah, it’s all great you saved $500 on your big screen TV this weekend, all under the false premise that you’re honoring the dead, right?”

While that may be true of a lot of businesses, there are many that regularly contribute to veterans and their families. The same is true with many individuals who might save money on a particular product on sale during the Memorial Day weekend. However, let’s also understand that businesses are not required to do so and neither are individuals (See Gordan Runyan’s excellent piece on this subject). When they do, it is out of their own generosity to do so and as such deserve to be thanked. But Kolfage is right about the fact that many perceive their “savings” under a false pretense of being patriotic and honoring veterans.

With that in mind, the Air Force veteran does point out that it is the American people, not businesses, who have allowed veterans, their sacrifices, and their struggles to be forgotten. Kolfage, who often speaks on behalf of and aids fellow veterans, says the day should be used to remind people of these things, and I agree.

“Veterans are committing suicides at a rate of 22 deaths per day,” Kolfage wrote. “And there are roughly 5000 children who will go to sleep tonight without their parent because they were killed in war. Let’s tell their struggles and help them.”

Brian admonished people to research and reflect on why we even remember this day. “Help a child who lost a parent and donate a few bucks to a charity who helps them, be a role model for others. If you’re a business owner, I call on you to run commercials that educate the importance of this day and urge your customers to donate to a certain veteran cause. Maybe even give a portion all proceeds to a veteran related charity.”

“Remember those who made this all possible for us,” he exhorted his readers. “Without them, we’d all have nothing.”

He then called on the American people to become active in encouraging others in their community to “help make this day about those who deserve to be honored, as it was intended to be.”

This isn’t Kolfage’s first Memorial Day letter either. Last year, he targeted Barack Obama and blasted him for being “raised to hate America.”

I, too, would like to see the day returned to its intention and above all else, see men honor the original veteran, the Lord Jesus Christ, who laid down His life for His friends so that they might have liberty from sin. I think once Americans honor that spiritual veteran, they will begin to understand and appreciate the sacrifice of the veterans of the natural.

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