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Once Again, Trump Administration Won’t Support People Desiring Independence

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Published on: October 30, 2017

Reading the Declaration of Independence, one thing is clear;  the founding fathers first expressed universal principles applicable to all people then moved into specific circumstances for the British colony that would eventually become the fledgling future united States of America.

These universal concepts are expressed in the first two paragraphs of the first of America’s founding documents.

Why is this important?

In light of the Kurdish people seeking to establish their own nation, removed from Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran;  and, the recent declaration from the Catalan region of Spain to seek independence from the country of Spain, followed by a vote to become the Catalonia Republic, the US government has sided with the establishment nations to deny these areas their right to “dissolve the political bonds, which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, ….”

According to Yahoo News:

Spain was plunged into crisis Friday as Madrid seized power from independence-seeking Catalonia, the first curtailment of regional autonomy since the brutal dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

After regional lawmakers voted to declare a Catalan “republic”, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy moved swiftly to dissolve the rebel government and parliament, and called December 21 elections to replace them.

Madrid’s allies in the European Union and the United States rallied behind Madrid as they voiced alarm over developments in Spain´s worst political crisis in decades.

This should be resoundingly familiar to many in the united States.

Catalonian residents are dubbed “rebels” because they seek independence and relief from a government that has exerted what many in the area believe to be “interference” in their culture and autonomy, which suffered extensive oppression under the rule of Francisco Franco (1936 – 1979).

Spain’s Senate approved a measure to “reign in the rebels” under a constitutional article.

But, the residents of Catalan are not seeking to usurp the current government, only to separate from one they believe has become destructive to them.

Governments are instituted among men to secure the rights of the people and derive their power from the consent of the governed.

And, the people have the right to throw off that government and instill a new government that would “seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

Is this not what happened in the united States when the Southern States sought independence from the central government?

And, did not the central government turn its resources against those Southern States to subjugate the region to the will of the federal government?

There were many reasons the Southern States wanted to form their own country and government;  the denial of States’ rights to Southern States by a federal government heavily biased toward the Northern States was the major reason.

Just as the Southern States’ occupants were described as “rebels” and their action dubbed a “rebellion,” Catalan faces the same unfounded name-calling when exercising their right to independence.

The region is not attempting to oust the national government of Spain, only requesting independence from that national body to form their own body of government and nation.

It is the universal right expressed in the Declaration of Independence when the thirteen colonies chose to dissolve their union with the British monarchy.

Yet, the government of the united States sides with what Catalan views as a tyrannical government exercising too much interference into their lives and government.

It makes sense that Spain does not want to lose the region of Catalan since the region provides one-fifth of Spain’s economy.

Money is a powerful driving force for governments.

Once government gets its hands on money, it is loathe to relinquish it, particularly to an area providing 20% of its economy.

Now, Spain is exercising a constitutional measure to “quash the rebels.”

The rebels?  This is a region that seeks independence from its overbearing government, not sedition or insurrection against the standing government.  And, it is the national government of Spain that is seeking to “intervene” in whatever manner necessary to stop this move toward independence of Catalan.

If there is aggression in this scenario, it will come from Spain, leaving the residents of Catalan to defend their recognized universal rights.

So far, neither the united States nor the national government of Spain has addressed the overbearing nature of the European Union to “homogenize” the European continent in lieu of the many cultural regions contained within its member nations.

Catalan is taking measures to protect its culture and heritage from being lost in the flurry of the “multiculturalism” plan perpetrated by unelected bureaucratic stooges in Brussels.

Moreover, the region seeks to protect its culture and autonomy from what the people see as an overbearing government.

The surprising factor, or maybe not so surprising, is the reaction of the united States government.

A republic framed in liberty, freedom and God-given individual unalienable rights backs a national government seeking to apply “whatever measures necessary” to deny independence of a region of people seeking to form their own nation, escaping what they perceive as tyranny from the Spanish government and the European Union.

Just as the united States government did with the Kurdish people, it is doing the same with the region of Catalan.

As indicated earlier, the principles contained in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence are universal, applicable to all people, not just the people of the united States.

Instead of supporting those universal principles under the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God and the self-evident truths, our federal government supports “government” over the will of the people.

If a civil war occurs in the nation of Spain, the US declared, in their backing of the national Spanish government, the side they would take – it isn’t the side of our founding fathers.

Once the “shining city on the hill” to all other nations and people seeking liberty, freedom and exercise of their individual God-given rights, the US government, to the detriment of her own people and the world, rejects that designation to support a heavy-handed national government that would seek to interject extreme interference into a region that wants what our founding fathers fought so hard to obtain for their posterity.

While many in the US still subscribe to the tenets found in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, our government demonstrates its commitment to the opposite, as evidenced by denying its support to groups of people seeking independence.

What the US government has become in the eyes of many of her own people, it is portraying it to the world – an all powerful central government that has become an entity unto itself to the detriment of the people it is supposed to serve and to the world’s populations who seek freedom liberty and self-governance.

King George III of England possessed this attitude of authority.

Had France, an enemy of the British crown, refused to assist the fledgling republic of the united States, it is plausible the colonies would have lost the War for Independence.

Without a world superpower to advocate for a group of people to engage in self-government, independence from over-bearing national governments will not be forthcoming.

And, if any government should support the right of a region of people to self-govern, it should be the united States.

Knowing the US government possesses the attitude of King George III with regard to other peoples residing in various nations, all the people of the united States should recognize this attitude is applicable to them as well.

Unfortunately, there are too many in this republic who would suffer profound cognitive dissonance should they open their eyes to the truth.

California seeks to gain its independence from the united States in the move Calexit.

But, the US government doesn’t seem to pay that movement any mind because of the arrogance of the political class and attitude in rejecting the universal principles found in the Declaration of Independence.

What the government does on the world stage is indicative of what the government does here at home, and vice versa.

It sends a chilling message to those areas occupied by people who seek independence from over-bearing governments in order to engage in self-government.

No longer the advocate for independence and freedom, rejecting the principles of its own founding, the US government has left a void in the world – a void other “superpowers” may seek to fill, but not in support of freedom, liberty and self-governance.

The reaction, mixed as it was, to Great Britain voting to leave the European Union (Brexit), by the US government should be the same reaction to people of regions in other nations seeking independence peacefully – one of support and respect of their decision.

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