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Trump Now Parroting What Others Tell Him To Parrot

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Published on: July 24, 2020

Despite a study posted on the National Institute of Health website declaring 5G as a inducting agent of coronavirus in human cells, Trump claimed the virus in the US will get worse before it gets better, according to the AP.  There is no doubt it will with the continued roll-outs, implementation, and usage of 5G in the US and abroad.  Now, with the information that 5G induces coronavirus production in human cells, why is there a need to wear a mask or to develop a vaccine?

The same AP article has the answers.

“Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact,” he said. “I’m getting used to the mask,” he added, pulling one out after months of suggesting that mask-wearing was a political statement against him.

Swaths of the country are now battling rising infections and growing deaths, and some states are once again having to close businesses and rethink school in the fall. Many retailers themselves are insisting their customers don masks.

For months, the nation’s top health experts have pleaded with Americans to wear masks in public and steer clear of crowds — calling those simple steps life-saving — even as the president’s stance fueled a partisan social divide.

Masks have an impact.  It is for certain masks do have an impact;  but, it isn’t protection from the coronavirus or influenza according to the warning label on the side of the mask box.  Masks have a negative impact on a person’s health.  The touting of wearing masks is definitely a political issue since the health benefits have not been proven using the scientific method.  And, Trump who whined that mask-wearing was a political statement against him is now donning a mask.  Me thinks he doth protest too much.

Maybe Fauci, Birx, Redfield and Trump can all explain how a mask prevents a problem caused by technology.  Don’t hold your breath for an explanation since they are all peddling falsehoods for an agenda.  This entire train wreck can be credited to the man in the Oval Office who put the medical quacks on display, continually pushing fear porn and lies, for the public to swallow hook, line, and sinker.

The “nation’s top health experts” (rofl) encourage mask-wearing and avoiding of crowds as riotous, violent, thieving mobs roam the streets of major cities without them while gathering together in groups of hundreds while local and State governments close churches.  Coronavirus only can be found in churches and lurking in the dark between 11 PM and 5 AM, in some cities that have imposed this curfew.  Can it get any more ridiculous?  Yep. 

For weeks, White House aides have pressed Trump to grow more disciplined in his public statements about the pandemic. On Tuesday, he steered clear of what has been a favored talking point: that widespread testing for the virus in the U.S. “created” more cases, as aides noted that was false and projected a lack of responsibility.

Little more than three months from Election Day, Trump and his political team hoped that the podium spotlight would give him an edge against Democratic rival Joe Biden.

“The vaccines are coming, and they’re coming a lot sooner than anybody thought possible,” Trump promised anew.

White House aides pressing Trump to “grow more disciplined in his public statements about the pandemic” is essentially code for “you have to lie more to the American public”.  Widespread testing and a change in what the “government health agencies” are counting as coronavirus cases has definitely “created” more cases, as well as the unreliability of the test itself.  It is irresponsible to say otherwise.

The AP claimed that Trump and his political team hoped all this “podium spotlight” would give him an edge over Biden.  As far left as the AP is known to be, there is something to be said for their assessment.  It follows the Hegelian Dialectic.

Right on cue, the be all end all of the coronavirus – the vaccine – is mentioned as coming sooner than thought possible.  A vaccine for a 5G electromagnetic field wave-induced coronavirus is coming.  A vaccine that will sidestep all the supposed safeguards that everyone knows hasn’t ever worked since there is not one medical treatment, vaccine or drug that can be touted as safe.  Why would you need a vaccine for a technologically induced problem?  Get rid of the technology and you get rid of the problem.

It isn’t rocket science that high electromagnetic fields can cause humans to experience headaches, nausea, visual changes, disorientation, hallucinations (auditory and visual), as well as a host of other ailments including but not limited to cancer.  Ghost hunters and electricians have known it for years.  But, all of this doesn’t follow the agenda nor does it enrich Big Pharma and Bill Gates.  In fact, this information is all that is needed to counter the agenda should people pull their head out from where the sun doesn’t shine to read it.

The AP article concludes:

As early as next week, the first possible U.S. vaccine is set to begin final-stage testing in a study of 30,000 people to see if it really is safe and effective. A few other vaccines have begun smaller late-stage studies in other countries, and in the U.S. a series of huge studies are planned to start each month through fall in hopes of, eventually, having several vaccines to use. Already, people can start signing up to volunteer for the different studies.

Health authorities warn there’s no guarantee — it’s not unusual for vaccines to fail during this critical testing step. But vaccine makers and health officials are hopeful that at least one vaccine could prove to work by year’s end. Companies already are taking the unusual step of brewing hundreds of millions of doses so that mass vaccinations could begin if the Food and Drug Administration signs off.

So, the 30,000 guinea pigs are in a study to see if a vaccine “really is safe and effective”.  How about this – name one that is?  There is no vaccine that is safe and effective.  Moreover, ingredients are added to these “vaccines” that one would classify as toxic sludge all together and as toxic additive if separate.  Let’s not forget the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have died at the end of a needle when accepting Gates’ ghoulash of a vaccine.  You don’t even need to count the countless numbers of women in various African nations that have been rendered sterile because of “Goody Gates”.

Now, the government and Trump want you to take a shot in the arm for a problem caused by technology.  In what reality does this make sense?  None.

Health authorities “warn there’s no guarantee”.  Well, duh.  Anyone in the medical profession who received a quality education and actually learned from it could have told you there is no guarantee with anything.  That’s why it’s called the “practice of medicine”.   But, these health authorities are going to push a vaccine that is rushed through and will be useless against a condition caused by technology.

Not surprisingly, Fauci claims that the coronavirus will never be eradicated.  Of course, it won’t because of the use of 5G technology.  But, this is the perfect ruse for a “mandatory” vaccine that can be used as a medium for “human tracking” instruments to be placed in your body.

Remember, Trump designated Fauci as the “authority” on coronavirus despite Fauci never practicing medicine since his residency, only working in government agencies, only dealing with HIV/AIDS, stealing someone else’s work to pass it to his friend so his friend would get credit for the breakthrough in that disease, being wrong at every turn, lying to the public, refusing to disclose pertinent information publicly available on the NIH website, and advocating for total devastation of the US economy for a problem caused by technology.  

I don’t know what other information has to be conveyed to the public for the sheeple to dig out their head.  If pictures would help and I could draw, I’d make a mural.  But, even then, you still couldn’t get some people to even look at it, much less consider the information.  It’s like trying to tell people that Black Lives Matter wants to destroy the family and instill a Marxist government as the BLM movement leaders proclaim it in front of every news camera.

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