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A Bunch of Flies Around Hillary

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Published on: January 21, 2016

Latest Email Discovery and Scandal Ridden History Shows Hillary Clinton is Unfit to Be President

The evidence is right in front of our faces and has been for years. We hear report after report, discovery after discovery of Hillary Clinton’s disregard for regulations and blatant negligence in protecting our country’s classified information. How much more do we, the American people, have to find out about deception of Hillary Clinton before we decide she is disqualified from being President of the United States?

On January 14th, Charles McCullough III, Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, notified the Congressional Oversight Committee that after a comprehensive review of Hillary’s emails, there were “…several dozen emails containing classified information at the confidential, secret, and top secret/SAP levels.” SAP stands for Special Access Programs, which means that the information is more sensitive than Top Secret and only a select few have access. If this information has been compromised, our national security will be gravely damaged and people could die.

The seriousness of this issue cannot be overstated. However, Hillary Clinton continues to joke, laugh and flippantly deny that anything on the server was classified and only contained yoga routines and Chelsea’s wedding plans. On September 17, 2015, Hillary jokingly told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that her most significant email was about securing gefilte fish for Israel in time for Passover. Really Hillary? Our national security is not a joke and her lies cannot be overlooked. I guess the Inspector General and his office including all the agencies who received the information from her email server are lying? Or could it be that once again Hillary Clinton has proven that she cannot be trusted.

Do we really want a person who jokes and lies about American security putting American lives at risk to lead our country? At the very least, given the seriousness of the information on her server and her continuing flippant statements about her knowledge of its content, she should be stripped of her security clearance. Security clearances have been pulled for much less. Just ask John Deutch. Can’t imagine a person unable to hold a security clearance is fit to be the President, either.

As Secretary of State, she signed a non-diclosure agreement promising to protect information, specifically Special Access Program information, and failure to do so could result in termination and criminal punishment. This was the same agreement that General Petraeus signed and the foundation of the charges against him when he shared highly classified information from Special Access Programs with his biographer and former mistress, Paula Broadwell. Petraeus was found guilty and stripped of his security clearance. The Department of Defense is even considering stripping General Petraeus of some rank. A brilliant and famous Army general and former CIA director lost his job, reputation and potential future prospects through mishandling classified information.

The IG’s discovery proves that Hillary is guilty of mishandling highly classified information. However, countless videos show Hillary attempting to distort the truth about the sensitivity of the information contained in several of her emails. Hillary should be judged by the same standards as Petraeus, because their violations are one in the same. Because, as Hillary herself said during the Democratic debate last Sunday, “There is no bank too big to fail and no person to powerful to jail.” I couldn’t agree more, Madam Secretary.

From the origins of her first name to a simple visit to Bosnia, where she falsely claimed she had to dodge sniper fire, Hillary Clinton cannot seem to tell the truth in even the most benign situations. And, a simple Google search of “Hillary clinton scandal” shows that the laundry list of deception has continued unabashed and unabated. Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Emailgate. More recently, the American people watched Hillary’s smug performance during the Bengazi investigation, found out about her lies to the American people and lies told to the Benghazi heroes’ families immediately after the attack. And now, the FBI investigation has expanded to look at possible ties between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. The list goes on and on and the hypocrisy is astounding. Enough is enough.

My wife’s great-grandfather used to say that a bunch of flies around a pile of dung cannot all be wrong. The analogy, although crude, holds true. There are just too many files swirling around Hillary Clinton to be ignored. All Americans, regardless of political leaning, should be outraged and demand that Hillary Clinton be brought to account for the wanton disregard for this nation’s national security. Her punishment should be swift and decisive as it was with General Petraeus. Simply put, Hillary Clinton is a security risk on par with Edward Snowden and doesn’t deserve the American people’s trust to hold the highest office in the land, let alone their vote.


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