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Trump Stumped by Top Three Functions of US Government Question at Town Hall Meeting

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Published on: March 30, 2016

“In your opinion, what are the top three functions of the United States government?” An attendee, Robert Kitelinger, asked Donald Trump this question at a CNN Town Hall meeting moderated by Anderson Cooper on Tuesday. Trump provided an answer that some would consider unconstitutionally founded, rambling and contradictory. Before getting to the answer given by Trump, how many Americans can identify what the function of government is and where one can go find it? One can assume not many since our nation is poised on the brink of the formation of a communist/socialist shift in our current government structure.

Donald Trump, in his opinion, identified security, healthcare and education as the top three functions of government, with a statement clarifying that security deserved to occupy the top three slots. He stated security was the greatest function of all.

“The top three are security, security, security. We have to have security for our country so that we can continue to exist as a country. We are in danger. Thousands and thousands of people are infiltrating our country. We don’t know who they are. There’s a very vicious world, we’re living in a very vicious world. And, we’re doing something that is against a lot of very smart people’s wishes. I can tell you it’s totally against my wishes,” stated Trump.

Is that a function of the federal government – to provide security? While many may jump to answer in the affirmative, the term “security” is very broad and encompasses many elements. The one element of “security” is control of immigration and vetting of immigrants coming into this nation legally. The other side of the coin is preventing illegal immigration and illegal alien invaders from “bum rushing” this nation causing economic, social, and political unrest. This is the only element of “security” addressed by Trump. However, securing a nation requires more than the control of immigration and stopping illegal immigration.

In order to secure a nation, the government is charged with carrying out that sub-function through adhering to the broader function of government – to secure God-given individual unalienable rights. This is identified in the Declaration of Independence. The self-evident truths contain three broad statements whereby government is to secure those rights – all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In following this train of thought, our founders inserted in the Constitution for the united States of America the enumerated powers authorized to the federal government that would secure those rights. Likewise, State governments have authorization to protect and secure God-given unalienable rights.

So, how does a government “secure” a nation? Publius Huldah outlined how the federal government and States secure our rights. The federal government secures the right to life by establishing and maintaining the military, dealing with pirates and traitors, and securing our borders through immigration laws. With the power to coin honest money, standard weights and measurements, issue patents and copyrights, and establish bankruptcy laws, the federal government protects our property rights. Moreover, we are guaranteed a fair trial in federal court. Our pursuit of happiness is achieved through limited and enumerated powers of government so we are left alone.

States also secure our right to life by prosecuting murderers, issuing quarantines for dangerous diseases, and banning abortion. When States prosecute rapists, kidnappers, and child molesters, our security in our person is protected. States secure our property rights through the prosecution of robbers, handling of civil torts, fraud, negligence and dispute resolution through the court system.

Security of a nation involves more than just immigration and border security. However, this is the issue that garnered Donald Trump a huge support base. The other “functions” are just as important in addressing the security of a nation. One should ask Mr. Trump if he is aware of the enumerated powers of Congress and the limited powers of the president contained in the Constitution.

Some in the federal government include in “security” the unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens through monitoring their internet activity, collecting and reading emails, monitoring their verbal and video communications, forcing the collection of DNA at unconstitutional roadside stops under the guise of a transportation program, establishment of constitution-free zones 100 miles inside the nation borders, molestation by TSA agents before boarding a plane, and any other infringement of the rights of individuals under the umbrella of NSA spying. However, Donald Trump did not address the issue whereby American citizens are imposed upon to relinquish their individual rights to the government tune of providing “security” without being represented in the secret FISA courts. At the same time government is stripping away individual rights of citizens under the ruse of safety and security, the administration imports unvetted Muslims from the Middle East into this nation by the thousands – more like tens of thousands.

The biggest violator of jeopardizing the security of this nation is the federal government under the current administration. Where is the mention of holding the government to its enumerated powers that provide security while maintaining the individual rights of citizens? And, the security of the nation is more than just preventing invasion from open borders. It involves being fiscally responsible with spending limited to the enumerated powers, limiting dependence on other nations, ensuring fair trade between foreign entities without incurring a trade deficit, and maintaining a stable currency. The unconstitutional government agencies make rules and regulations or pseudo-laws that cripple large businesses and corporations resulting in increased unemployment, which jeopardizes social and economic stability.

Then, there are “policies” related to discrimination handed down from the corrupted in Washington, DC that fail to protect Christian small business owners’ religious freedom resulting in many closing their doors or deciding to cease providing certain services to avoid losing their business and personal property. The promotion of division of the American people along every imaginable demographic jeopardizes security as well since it is the citizens who are charged with the defense of the nation. A divided house cannot stand nor can it defend itself effectively. Let’s not forget the “transgender” facility usage issue that threatens to expose women, girls and boys to nefarious activities by individuals using the policy as a ruse to commit crime.

In looking at “security,” immigration and border security preventing illegal immigration is only one of many issues in the nation that needs addressing.

From his statements at the town hall meeting, Donald Trump has much to learn and certainly needs to keep a copy of this nation’s founding documents, reading it often, in order to understand what powers the Constitution authorized the federal government – all three branches. His misstep came when he identified education and healthcare as a purview of the federal government. Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government authorized to meddle in health care or education, which is rightfully left to the States or the people respectively. While he tried to clarify his statements as Anderson Cooper drilled him, his fumbling to give an answer shows his lack of knowledge and understanding of the Constitution. It could also be a sign of trying to please everyone for continued support.

No one has to be a lawyer, a “constitutional scholar,” or even college educated to be able to read, understand, and identify the meaning of the Constitution according to our founders. Since “we the people” established and ordained the Constitution, the founders wrote it for all to be able to know/identify usurpations and appropriate sanctions for such an offense. Is

Moreover, before the comment of “Ted Cruz does” appears, Cruz is ineligible to hold the office of the president since he is not a natural born citizen. He knows it, but ignores it while twisting an amendment to declare himself a “citizen” as if those two terms are the same and interchangeable. As it has been previously pointed out here at Freedom Outpost, one is not a natural born citizen if one has to point to a man-made law passed by Congress that has to be twisted and contorted into a pretzel to attempt to apply the status of natural born citizen.

Donald Trump attracted supporters based on his bold, politically incorrect, abrasive speech echoing what many in America are thinking, saying, believing, and experiencing because of the oppressive governance in Washington, DC. The GOP (government oppressing people) helped create the rise of Trump through their refusal to make good on those platforms and promises made during the 2014 mid-term elections and ignoring their constituents. But, platforms and promises that fall outside the Constitution, as well as some that fall within, are detrimental to this nation and her people. The example of a platform that falls within the Constitution detrimental to the nation is the use of the military inappropriately, outside of a declaration of war, and having an “occupation” force in foreign nations.

Trump has definitely tapped into the raw nerves of Americans exposed by both parties’ members in both chambers caring more about the party platform and “toeing the line” than honoring their oath of office. Where Trump is lacking is in his knowledge of the Constitution. Should he remedy that weakness and demonstrate his commitment to honoring the Constitution and his oath of office, he needs to answer one question – are you willing to honor your oath of office, protect, uphold and defend the Constitution?

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