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Twitter Allows “Hang Mike Pence” to Trend While Banning President Trump for Inciting Violence

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Published on: January 10, 2021

The violent calling their victims the aggressors. Germans did the same thing to the Jews. And Stalin and Mao ….

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Twitter Allows “Hang Mike Pence” to Trend While Banning President Trump for Inciting Violence

By: Todd Starnes, Jan 9, 2021

Twitter allowed public calls to hang Vice President Mike Pence to trend on its platform Saturday morning just hours after permanently suspending President Trump’s account for inciting violence.

“WTF why is this allowed to trend?” said journalist Yashar Ali. “I get that people have been tweeting it to quote some of the insurrectionists but it shouldn’t be allowed to trend.”

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A screenshot shared by Ali showed more than 14,000 Twitter users had shared the sentiment at the time he flagged it.

The reason why Twitter has not suspended people calling for the lynching of Vice President Pence is because Big Tech believes that conservatives are deplorable — irredeemable.

This is what happens when you dehumanize people just because you disagree with their politics.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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