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Following Judas Ends In Suicide, And So It Is!

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Published on: January 9, 2021

Treason? In Websters 1828 dictionary it defines as “In general, it is the offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power.”

It is also found in Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution. I highlight this to ask, isn’t this what Judas did to Christ? Yes, he did.  He betrayed him to a foreign power and that to his own destruction. Isn’t this exactly what is happening today in America?  Why, yes, it is.

What happens when Americans take their eyes off Christ and begin to follow a man (Exodus 20:4)?  Well, then it will be national suicide, will it not (Isaiah 30)?  Of course, it will.

How would you define a person that does the opposite of what he should and promised to do according to his sworn oath (Matthew 23:3)?

Isn’t this president the one that calls himself a Christian and does just the opposite of what the law states that he should do (1 John 2:4)?

If The Mainstream Media Is Really Out To Get The President, Then Why Haven’t They Told You…

ABC 7 reported that the bill Donald Trump signed had very little to do with COVID.

“It’s called the COVID Relief Bill, but it has almost nothing to do with COVID.”

“This bill contains $85.5 million for assistance to Cambodia, $134 million to Burma, $1.3 billion for Egypt and the Egyptian military, which will go out and buy almost exclusively Russian military equipment. $25 million for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan, $505 million to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. $40 million for the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, which is not even open for business. $1 billion for the Smithsonian and an additional $154 million for the National Gallery of Art. Likewise, these facilities are essentially not open.”

This is not the first time that this President has sold out and betrayed his own country and people with a kiss.

$1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill Sold as “National Security” – Funds Avowed to America’s Enemies

Most of us know the scriptural accounts of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver, and in the end, the son of perdition commited suicide.

Here is the scriptural account:

“Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests,

And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver.

And from that time he sought opportunity to betray him.” Matthew 26:14-16

“And he that betrayed him had given them a token, saying, Whomsoever I shall kiss, that same is he; take him, and lead him away safely.

And as soon as he was come, he goeth straightway to him, and saith, Master, master; and kissed him.” -Matthew 14;44-45

Keep in mind that these were also the same wicked pharisee’s that “cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar” (John 19:15).

Afterward, Matthew 27:5 tells us “And he went away and[f] hanged himself.”

The Lord said in Luke 13:34:

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!”

What was the end of these that rejected the counsel of God against themselves (Luke 7:30)? They attempted to justify the unjustifiable and, in short length, that country was judged.

“And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it,

Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.

For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side,

And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.” -Luke 19:41-45

Like Judas, there are many that have not come to terms with the fact that those that put someone or something else in the place of Christ are doing the same thing.  Yet, what they do not realize is that as they are betraying the truth, they are, in fact, the ones that are being betrayed.

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