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Twitter To Congress: We Have Protocols To Determine Offensive Speech – We’re Just Not Going To Tell You What They Are

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Published on: April 17, 2019

Last week, during a round of questioning of Director of Public Policy and Philanthropy for U.S. & Canada Twitter Carlos Monje, Congressman Josh Hawley (R-MO) asked if there was protocols that Twitter’s review team followed to determine what Twitter deems to be offensive speech.  The director confirmed there are protocols in place, claims they aren’t biased and isn’t about to release them to the public to determine if they are or are not biased… because after all, we know they are biased.

Rep. Hawley posted the video exchange on Twitter adding, “Twitter admitted to me today that they have protocols they use to determine when speech is offensive. So release the protocols! Make them public. If you aren’t biased, what do you have to hide?”

Hawley asked Monje if the review team follows protocols to determine Twitter’s standards for offensive speech.

Monje replied, “There are protocols for a number of issues.”

Hawley followed up by asking, “Including deplatforming?”

At first, Monje wanted to skip that question and attempt to explain something he was not asked.  However, Hawley pressed him for an answer to the question about protocols to deplatform users of Twitter.

Again, Monje said there were many protocols and he was asked if Twitter would make the protocols public.

“We make our Terms of Service public,” Monje responded.

Hawley was clearly having to guide him like a little child to ask if he would make the protocols public, and he specifically cited the banning of the movie “Unplanned” without any reason for doing so.  The purpose that Hawley was asking for was transparency in the company so that people could actually determine whether or not the company was being honest when it claims that it is actually not being biased in its banning methods.

Of course, Monje admitted that Hawley’s question was a “very important” point about transparency, but he was still unwilling to answer the question about making the protocols public.

So, he had to press Monje again for an answer to the question.

Hawley reminded Monje of his claim that he said Twitter was a “pro-transparency company” and gave him another opportunity to answer whether or not he would make hte protocols public.

“It’s not up to me to make them public,” Monje said, to which Hawley asked if he would advocate for making them public.

He skated the question by saying, “Our team will get back to you.”

That sounds like a response you would actually get on Twitter.

Hawley pointed at him and said, “So, that’s a no.”

When Monje smiled and said he was just a senior executive, Hawley interrupted him to lay out a series of things that Twitter has done that he will simply not answer.

“He won’t say whether or not Mother Teresa’s speech is hate speech, he won’t tell us why Unplanned was banned, he won’t tell us why Jesse Kelly’s speech was banned,” Hawley said.  “You’ve admitted that there is human involvement in these decisions, that there are numerous people involved, that there are protocols but you won’t make them public.”

Monje claimed to have told Hawley why Unplanned was banned and why political commentator Jesse Kelly was banned, but Hawley called him out, reminding him that he cited privacy concerns for why he could not state why Kelly was banned.

He then ended by mocking the company’s position that it claims to be a “transparency company,” but won’t answer such questions and won’t make their protocols public.

I’d say, good job Mr. Hawley on pushing the real issue and that is that Twitter is clearly out of control in their censoring and banning speech they don’t agree with and then covering their malicious actions with “privacy concerns” and vague “Terms of Service” violations claims, just like Facebook.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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