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Un-Elected Bureaucrat & Lying Propagandist Fauci: Life Will “Return To Normal” By Christmas

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Published on: February 19, 2021

No, life will return to normal when people quit listening to lying criminals like Dr. Anthony Fauci!  He has lied about masks.  He has lied about the number of deaths of the non-proven to exist COVID.  He has lied about vaccines.  He is lying about his claim of life returning to normal. It’s a carrot on a stick that will never be achieved unless the people put a stop to him and the other criminals peddling the COVID hoax.

Mac Slavo has the story.

Head medical tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci has said life in the United States will almost return to normal by Christmas, if people get vaccinated and then still social distance and wear masks.  That doesn’t sound “normal.”

In fact, Fauci even said vaccinated people are still going to have to take precautions and “measure risk factors” when contemplating activities. But if the vaccine works and protects these people, why do they have to still worry about getting and spreading COVID-19.  Things are not adding up and haven’t since this thing was declared a pandemic back in March of 2020.

In an interview with MSNBC, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases warned that there were many variables at play and returning to some sort of normalcy “is not a mathematical formula…it’s a question of estimates.” But he agreed with President Joe Biden’s estimate that things will start getting back to normal “by the end of the year, by Christmas.” -Market Watch

The ruling class is still going to try to eliminate small businesses like restaurants and attempt to force the public to wear masks. Even though they want people vaccinated. Fauci also specifically said that once vaccinated, people will still need to separate low-risk contact from higher-risk public activities.

Is anyone still falling for this? Or is this the lull before they pull out all the stops and turn this into an actual illness? We already know many people do not handle this vaccine well at all.

Your “new normal” is going to look just like they told you it would look almost a year ago, even with the vaccine available. Things will never go back to what most would consider “normal”. Fauci said theaters and restaurants will likely still have reduced capacity, and “Maybe you’ll still have to wear masks” in public. “But these are all estimates and so many things can happen to modify that” for better or worse, he said. One concern is that new variants of COVID-19 could cause infections to spike again, potentially interfering with that timeline, according to a report by Market Watch. 

They are not letting go of this scam.  The big concern now is that many people are figuring out this was an elaborate hoax from the beginning. So what does the ruling class do next to convince the masses to roll up their sleeves and take this vaccine?

Stay prepared. Stay alert. Don’t put anything past these psychopaths in the ruling class. Use discernment and make sure you know not just what is going on, but why.

Remember, Dr. Fauci has been seen many times not following his own guidelines he wants for the little people. He was engaged in the funding of the Wuhan lab that is alleged to have deployed the alleged “virus” and he and Dr. Deborah Birx went out on national television promoting a clear fraud concerning alleged COVID deaths and they told everyone they were committing the fraud!

Dr. Fauci is an enemy of the people not just in America but around the world.  He should be immediately arrested, brought up on charges and given due process.  If convicted, he shouldn’t spend the rest of his life in some posh prison at the people’s expense, but given a long drop from a short rope… and so should every other criminal who had anything to do with this entire COVID fiasco.



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