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The Laziness That Community Equality Breeds

Mr. Obama is at it again, trying to regulate another part of our lives that makes us uniquely American.

Americans understand freedom, the ability to work harder, do better, move up… and out! We work harder at our job to get a better position, make more money, have more security, and more opportunities.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Americans move to communities that reflect their values, have better schools, less density, more density, more pubs, less pubs, more shopping and restaurants, or less shopping and restaurants. We move to certain areas to better our lives or our children’s lives.

Enter his Social Highness Mr. Obama, who has decided that we don’t really understand equality. He thinks we don’t understand how to help our neighbors (or others). So, he is going to mandate it. As usual, he thinks by forcing his view of “equality” on us, it will make everything perfect. How did that work out for you Mr. Obama in the Middle East?

The president is having the Department of Housing and Urban Development, those same wonderful people who gave you “the projects,” “ghettos,” and “Section 8 housing,” look at the inequities in various neighborhoods… neighborhoods that are mostly white, mostly black, mostly rich, mostly poor, and basically not diverse enough. Why? To implement forced equality.

President Obama wants to use billions of dollars in HUD grants as a carrot to entice cities to mix up the neighborhoods a bit more. You know, make adjustments in building codes and such to bring in more “diversity.” If you don’t, well then, your grant money just might disappear. I say we start in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Upper Manhattan. He and HUD are going to dictate how a neighborhood should look or else!

Here’s the deal… Mr. Obama will take away any and all incentives to better one’s self. Why bother? Just let the government do it.

You don’t want to work harder to make more money? No problem! The government will force a living wage on employers. Don’t move up, the government will help.

Don’t look for a job that offers benefits. The government will help by forcing benefits on you and the American populous to pay for them. Take it easy… they got you covered!

Didn’t take advantage of government-issued birth control? No problem! The government’s got you covered with a “government paid for” abortion at a clinic near you. And if you just happen to be underage, no big deal. Your parents need not know.

Food stamps and welfare are just a form away! Fill it in and you can get an EBT card. What’s that?! You have no ID? No problem! Just tell them how hard it was for you to get over the border at night and you’ll be quickly added to the welfare rolls.

If you’re one of those who just can’t seem to figure out how to move up and get yourself out of your neighborhood (let’s say, like Detroit) just sit tight. Obama and HUD are hatching up a plan to get you out.

The president feels that it’s unfair for people who might be sacrificing by working multiple jobs (rather than indulging in activities that blow their hard-earned cash) so they can move out of bad areas and into good areas should not be allowed to be the only ones who benefit. He thinks that if an area has been built up and has many “well-off” white folks that it’s just not right or fair. Blacks and other minorities should have the ability to move to those communities also.

Last I checked Mr. Prez they do! (Who’s stopping them?) Get another job, work hard, do better, and you can move to a better neighborhood. It’s how America works.

When I grew up in the North End of Boston, it was considered one of the poorest areas in the country. My mother decided we needed to get out. We moved in with my grandmother and she started working more hours. I had plenty of family around so I was well supervised and at some point she saved enough for us to move out of the city, and get me into a decent school in a decent community. She was a single woman, no government aid, with one child in tow. She had incentive to work harder and do better, she didn’t do nothing (or worse) and scream “Oh, whoa is me! Government please come save me.” She came here from Italy, to the land of opportunity, not handouts!

President Obama’s proposed HUD forced integration flies right in the face of current federal law dictating that you can’t refuse to sell or rent to someone based on color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. But now, he’s going to make it so you will be required to turn someone down if they don’t meet certain demographic criteria? That makes no sense!

What if you live in Anchorage? Do we fly in blacks and Hispanics? Or is that not desirable enough? Montana’s black population is .67% and Mississippi has over 37%. Start up the shuttles, we’re going to need to even out that inequity! Beautiful places like Oregon, Washington, and West Virginia all have less than 4% black populations. Hey Prez, what do we do there?

Let’s talk about moving the whites around. People of all colors and ethnicities have moved out of areas because of the shape of bad government and bad conditions. Detroit; Jackson, MS; Miami Gardens; Birmingham and Baltimore are all over 65% minority. All those cities are either close to or in bankruptcy. All of them are in the dumper.

And you’re going to force people to move back there? From what Hell do people come from to move up to these places?

My mom knew the government wasn’t there to help her. She knew if she wanted better, she would have to work for it. She was proud of her accomplishments. Why? Because she did it herself, not the government. She did it speaking broken English, with a green card in hand, and almost a 6th grade education. She went on to become one of the most noted hairdressers in Boston and even beat Vidal Sassoon in a competition back in the 70’s. She owned several beauty parlors and a beauty supply distribution company. Yup! All without the help of the government. All because she wanted better, she had incentive, and she understood the American dream. She used to say “No one’s gonna do it for you, get up and go do it yourself.”

I came from that background. I have owned several successful, and not so successful, businesses. I have lived in my car and in a nice house. And, yes, at times I have taken advantage of government programs to help me get over a bump, but I never stayed parked in one of those programs. What kept me going and moving forward was incentive to do better for me and my family.

Those of you who have kids know, the more you do for them, the lazier they get. The more the government does for people, the less they have to do for themselves. Mr. Obama, please come back to reality and to the American way of life. Allow us to live our lives to work harder and please… stop “helping us!”

Joe Messina

Joe Messina began his radio career after being asked to fill in for a show host who cancelled short notice. Joe grabbed a Democrat and Republican and, being the “agitator” he can be, stirred it up! After that, he was asked to do a one hour weekly show that quickly turned into a two hour show, then three hour show. Now Joe can be heard daily across the airwaves and over the internet on several stations. He has loyal listeners in 42 states and 38 countries, and the list keeps growing! Joe is a no-nonsense, conservative realist. He is not interested in “what if?” or “we could have!” He is interested in hearing both sides and has no problem taking on taboo issues with real questions looking for real answers. Race, religion, racism, and politics are all open season for topics on the show. Joe has had several successful businesses and has held several executive positions with Fortune 1000 companies. He has been asked to teach business ethics classes for several organizations over the last 8 years. Joe has been actively engaged in community, church and very involved in politics for well over a decade and has enjoyed a reputation of being a man of integrity and ethics.

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